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New Era Gold Giveway 4th winner

Day 2,298, 08:42 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Prince Harry.

New Era believes in helping it's members, over the past year the amazing team have been working on many things on to really help it members, now is pay back time 🙂

The next winner of 10 gold is Bloodstained Black Rabbit

The gold has already been sent , enjoy

and more Gold giveaway tomorrow

Hail be New Era 0/


Albert Stein
Albert Stein Day 2,299, 04:39


Michael Alan Westen
Michael Alan Westen Day 2,299, 07:38

Nice voteed

Ted Single
Ted Single Day 2,299, 08:34


Bloodstained Black Rabbit
Bloodstained Black Rabbit Day 2,299, 10:40

Thank you! 🙂

brian65 Day 2,300, 15:02


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