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New Era, Dinner Date

Day 1,875, 08:39 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Sir Winston S Churchill

New Era Member's there is snow coming to all parts of the UK over the weekend so the weather big wigs say, so get some free supplys right now

So get a whole day's weekends worth of health, 4800 Energy that is 800q3

Just Comment

"We are the Neweralites"

and remember wrap up well !



MR. HANK SCORPIO Day 1,875, 08:44

John F Kennedy, Grace O'Malley & John O'Mahony.

Titanicus Day 1,875, 08:50

King Ludwig II of Bavaria, Gavrilo Princep, William Wallace.

I have my reasons.


Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,875, 08:51

Right... Marilyn Monroe I would have loved to have seen her in the flesh and chatted her up

Stephen Hawkins we could talk about time ,space and worms holes he has great knowledge

Michael Jackson could do a few songs for us and flip some moves

Onslaughtx Day 1,875, 08:56

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Training (and political) Tips.

Karl Pilkington - Just for the laughs. I would love to have a pint or two with that guy.

Scarlett Johansson - Late night entertainment.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,875, 09:13

Jamers favourite actor, War hero and all round nice guy.

Sir Matt Busby - THE...THE...greatest manager in footballing history.

Jim Carey - Brilliant comedian and would guarantee a great night

So what is on the menu?

Sven Goran Duran-Duran
Sven Goran Duran-Duran Day 1,875, 09:17

1) Karl Marx
2) Mario Ballotelli
3) Barack Obama

Jimbobfrey Day 1,875, 09:41

Kim Jong Un - He's a blast to be around. Did you know that he invented the internet?

Brian Cox - He can help me with my work and I am reading some of his books now.

Derren Brown - I love his work and he seems like a cool guy to have dinner with.

Carnconnor Day 1,875, 09:45

1) Niccolo Machiavelli - Just because! Cynical, unpleasant beliefs but pretty much right in every way!
2)Milla Jovovich - Because there is just something awesome there!
3)Jimmy 'Jinky' Johnston - a true celt and one of footballs greats!

Bloodstained Black Rabbit
Bloodstained Black Rabbit Day 1,875, 09:51

Nikola Tesla
Dante Alighieri

Istatymas Day 1,875, 10:47

vytis, ranger and god of war

Mary.A Day 1,875, 11:08

Ermmm... Can I have dinner with Colin Firth 3 times? 😁

By the way I'm Armenian in real life.

Alphabethis Day 1,875, 11:34

1) Archimedes, 2) Cleopatra, 3) Numa Pompilio

1) a guy who is able to burn boats in third century before Christ using lenses and mirrors deserves a dinner.
2) a girl who baths in donkey milk deserves a dinner.
3) this guy did and invented Roman religion, Roman politics and many things more , he was believed to have the thunder of Iupiter. Well, who the hell was Numa Pompilio and how was able to achieve so many things? Up to three lineages ( gens) of Patricius derived( or claim to) from him.

Alphabethis Day 1,875, 11:34

the boats of Archimedes where Roman trirremes at a distance no less than 100 m.

Giordy River
Giordy River Day 1,875, 11:51

I'd like to meet....
1) Giordano Bruno: To say that he was right about the solar system
2) Giulio Cesare: To discuss strategy and philosophy
3)Jesus: to see if it's really who we think)

KearoB Day 1,875, 13:05

Daley Thompson
Winston Churchill
Gene Roddenberry

LongShotzZ Day 1,875, 13:21

1) Lewis Hamilton - I am a huge Formula 1 fan, literally my life revolves around it, and he is my favourite driver, We would have tonnes to talk about.
2) Liam Neeson - My favourite actor, love his films and yet again tonnes to talk about.
3) David Cameron - I would tell him how to sort out the country and then be renowned for the guy who saved Britain from all its problems.

Spygon Day 1,876, 05:19

Don't you guys have PMs or your own part on the forum lol

Ironfists Day 1,876, 06:14

Tesla, Marx and who ever made the Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts music

Bardokva Day 1,876, 06:47

I am bulgarian in real life and love the history. A lot I would want to meet founders on Bulgaria khan Asparuh, czar Kaloian-Asen who beats military of knights with fourth crusade in Adrianopol and captures leader of march Boduen de Flander in 1205 and naturally I do not want to meet Eddie characters on the Iron Maiden!

SycoASL Day 1,876, 13:20

1. Joey Barton - a little 'misunderstood'.
2. Robert Mugabe - will be interesting to see him and Joey at the same table.
3. Jennifer Aniston - can't think of a reason.

Chemical Chaos
Chemical Chaos Day 1,876, 15:04

i know i'm not NE btu i thought i'd comment anyways, it seems a lot of people are already going to dinners which i guess makes them unavailable so the 3 i'd pick would be...

1) Leonado Da Vinci
2) Albert Einstein
3) Steve Jobs

Its quite a technical bunch i know but imagine what you could find out and what couldn't da vinci do the guy was awesome at pretty much everything he tried (Archimedes and Tesla were busy at other dinner parties which saved me as it would have made decisions more difficult)

K.P.Tatschner Day 1,877, 10:24

Barrack Obama, Bob Marley and Megan Fox(Eye candy 😉)

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