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New eAussies Welcome! Please Start Here!

Day 1,876, 05:53 Published in Australia Chile by Vyrin the First

Lest you are worried about what this means for your experience of the game, the simple answer is almost nothing at all. You will start by learning and training. As you grow in understanding, you will expand your involvement in the social, military, economic, political and diplomatic aspects of eRepublik. You will eventually come to decide how you want to prove yourself a true patriot, a part of the glorious resurgence of our country!

One of the first things to realize is that eAustralia (the in-game version of the country) operates a lot like a real country. There is a government, political parties, lovers, haters, and all manner of folk here. Part of your enjoyment of the experience must be to go beyond the very simple game mechanics and start learning who we are so you can become part of the social network. There is an amazingly rich history to this country already.

Please make sure to engage this by:

1) Reading the NEWS articles posted by eAussies in the browser interface. Make sure you hit "more news" to see all of them!

2) Joining the eAustralia forum. Click here!

3) Participating as you can in the IRC chat room The channel is called ausrep, and there are more. Click here!

All this communication can seem daunting! However, if you read and participate as you are able, you will find that your picture of the history and dynamics of eAustralia will emerge in a week or two. Remember, the ingame browser interface is only the most basic expression of what goes on in eAustralia and eRepublik. Think about this game as becoming part of a new and immersive social experience and you will understand it much more quickly.

Now that you have been introduced to who we are, let’s help you figure out what your first steps should be:

1) Make Yourself Known

Although your presence in eAustralia is already assured, you might want to post a message in the new player sign-in forum: Click here!

Feel free to reach out and contact those you see anywhere in the game and the forums. It's natural to have a lot of questions!

2) Work and Train

Please read the main tutorial posted for new players in the forum. Click here!

The sections on work and training at the top are essential for getting started.

In addition there are a few tips for new players to remember:

Tip 1: Work and train every day, it's the basis of your ability to grow as a player, plus there are rewards for doings so.
Tip 2: Conserve the gold you receive. There are things that can only be done with gold, it is a precious commodity.
Tip 3: Complete the introductory missions eRepublik gives you, listed on the left hand side of the browser interface below your money.

3) Find Supplies

Everyone who joins can be a member of the Australian Defense Force. It is the general organization for our military, but more importantly the place to find supplies! Fill out the form for supplies. Click here!

Also look in the ADF forum for a post called a "Roll Call" for "Tango" division. Click here! List your name here for 3 weeks, and the supplies will be regularly delivered, and you will not need to fill out the previous form every day.

Also know that there are many other ways to get supplies but these are given out ad hoc. Look for opportunities as they present themselves.

4) Learn to Fight

Supplies are mainly needed to allow you to fight. Food and weapons matter a great deal.

Fighting is explained in the ADF forum. Click here!

It is through battles that you will grow in experience levels. But don't worry about leveling up too quickly! It is more important to focus on growing in strength at the outset. Do the battles you need to do to complete the missions and the daily order listed at the top of the browser with the picture of the soldier.

5) Join a Military Unit and Political Party

Do not make a hasty decision here! You can find them both under the "Community" tab at the top of the browser interface. "My party" shows political parties.

It is very important to get to know the people involved in heading these organizations, learn their platforms and then make an informed choice. The affiliations do matter, so read a little before joining. Choose wisely!

Once you have joined, these organization will open up new forums and IRC channels to get to know the people in them. They may also be the path to additional supplies!

6) Ask Questions

You will have so many questions because ERepublik is still very much a work in progress. There are some weaknesses in the current way it runs.

Be assured though that you can find the answers you need. Getting to know people is key!



Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Day 1,876, 05:53

Reposting for freshness.

Icetek Day 1,876, 07:22

Let me know when you find out that we get no new players in eAUS lol. There all multiple accounts.

James Buffet
James Buffet Day 1,876, 11:23

dont knock multis, if it wasnt for them |XG wouldnt have won right?

BOUD1CCA Day 1,876, 13:28

Excellent article Vyrin \o/

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