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New Citizen Education: IRC Beginners Guide and Directory

Day 1,058, 14:55 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs
Super Easy Guide to IRC
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Welcome, young citizen! In addition to forum activity one of the primary ways to find immediate help, get to know your fellow citizens, become more involved in the US community and progress to leadership positions is by joining the machine community on irc.

Ready to get involved but not sure where to start?
One of the more common and simple irc clients used by many eUS players is mibbit. Mibbit is web-based and newb-friendly. No download is required.

Step 1 Go to:

Step 2 Click the scroll bar at top and enter Rizon [webirc]

Step 3 In the Nick field enter your eRepublik citizen name

Step 4 In the Channel field enter #TC or #usa-chat

Step 5 Click Go and say Hello!

Alternately, you can use this simple direct connect and visit the eUS Training Corps channel.

For a basic eUS irc channel directory scroll down.

Acquire and set up an IRC client
contributed by gagah

So you want to IRC, but you don't know how? Well, good news for you: your friendly government is here to help. This guide will teach you how to acquire and set up an IRC client and provide you with a list of important US IRC channels.

Before we begin with our tutorial, you should know that eRepublik mainly uses the Rizon server. When you open up your IRC client, whatever you use, you'll have to sign onto Rizon before you can do anything else. More on this later.

How to acquire an IRC client
IRC is a chat protocol that runs on many clients on most OS's and also have web-based clients. Here is a good list of quality IRC clients.

Mibbit is a simple web-based client that's perfect for IRC noobs and lazy people
Rizon's web IRC is a little more robust than mibbit's, and doesn't flash on the tab bar every time someone posts. You may prefer this over mibbit if you are more experienced and too lazy to download a client.

ChatZilla is a Firefox addon client. As a Firefox addon, it requires no registration or payment.

mIRC is a common and free IRC client. It gives you a 90 day trial before asking you to register. You don't have to register, but it'll bug you every time you start it up about registering.
XChat is a powerful IRC client for Linux and Windows with several features that other clients leave out. It has a 30 day trial perios before asking for a $20 "donation", but internet savvy people can find censored for your protection ways around that (though not the latest version, it's been tested for months on Windows 7 and is known to work well).
XChat 2 is a user-made build based on XChat, and is completely free.

Colloquy is a flashy IRC client for Mac users.
XChat Aqua is a build of XChat for Mac OS X.

Setting yourself up
Mibbit and Rizon's webchats are both extremely easy and noob-friendly.

mibbit's sign in screen

Mibbit and Rizon are simple enough for anyone to use. For mibbit, you'll have to select the server, Rizon, from the IRC dropdown menu. Rizon doesn't require this as the webclient is designed for Rizon. Put in your desired nickname, you should use your eRep name or something close to it. If your nick is already registered, and if so why would you be reading this, but if it is, you'll want to click Auth and put in your NickServ password. Finally, choose a channel to join on sign in. There will be a list of US channels at the end of this article.

ChatZilla is a Firefox addon that can be opened from FF's Tools menu after installing.

ChatZilla's startup screen

When you open up ChatZilla, you type in /server To connect to Rizon. That button on the image above that says Emerick is what you click to change your nick. Alternatively, you could type in nick nickname, like in other clients. This and other common IRC commands will be covered later.

To set ChatZilla to start up Rizon when it opens, follow this path, starting at the ChatZilla dropdown menu: ChatZilla -> Preferences -> Startup and then add irc:// as an Auto-Connect URL.

mIRC is probably the most popular IRC client, mostly due to its age. It's been around since the 90's, and everyone has heard of it.

To get started on mIRC, simply go to File -> Options -> Servers, and select Rizon as shown above. Then, after playing around with other options, go to the connect tab, input the data there, and you're there.

Basic eUS IRC Channel Directory
Links will direct connect you to associated channels.

General Channels
#usa-chat eUnited States public channel

Newb-friendly Training Corps Channel
#TC eUS Training Corps channel

Government Channels
#eus-congress Public Congress channel to talk to a Congress member
#IES Immigration Enforcement Subcommittee channel for citizenship requests
#eus-interior Department of the Interior channel administers government help programs

Party Channels
#uswpchat United States Workers Party
#fedPartyChat Federalist Party channel
#uip United Independents Party channel
#SEES S.E.E.S. channel
#ADTP American Defense and Trade Party channel

Help Wanted: The Department of Education wants your questions and suggestions for future articles. Submit to Ask the DoE

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Happy Chatting,
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