New and Improved eRepublik Black Market

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I am proud to announce many new advancements of The Black Market! A few months back I started a black market which was based off a Google Spreadsheet mainly as a test. Many were excited about it and gave me many great ideas for improvements. The two big ones include a new website and the ability to become a member.

With the new 15% tax law in place many citizens are looking for ways to save money and this is a way to do that. All money that we make from this market goes directly to American Revival Charity (ARC) which I also run to help new players understand and want to play this game, as well as help them out financially. This is important with our ever decreasing population.

eRepublik Black Market Website

Website Link
To make things easier and more visually appealing to everybody, I decided I needed to make a website. Since I am not a genius with technology, I thought this would be rather difficult! Surprisingly, I found Google Sites which is a free and easy way to build a simple website. So for the time being I will be using this website. When you go to the website I hope it is easy enough to figure out. If you have trouble you can visit the "About Us" page or the "Help" page.


Memberships are new and help make trading easier and faster and possibly cheaper. A membership is only useful for selling; buyers do not need a membership. Currently everybody can have a 30 day free trial. Memberships are currently available in 30 or 90 days. Having a membership allows you to sell products without paying a 0.5% VAT. It also saves you time from having to add the VAT each time you trade. And lastly if you are a big seller you can save a lot of money.

Feel free to check out the site and keep in mind that it is not completely finished yet and more will be added to it. Please be patient while we both are figuring out the easiest way to do this.

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