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Day 1,882, 03:35 Published in Brazil Georgia by The Georgian Knight
Longest alliance in Erepublik is EDEN, but EDEN its like a very old man who had a ruff life, senile, always tired and unsatisfied, his only and last goal is to wait for death to come.

When someone dies, another one is I present to you a new alliance idea, based on family, the strongest alliance ever.
Alliance will be established from "dualities" (example Cromania, Bulgchile) and every duality member will have a smaller member to serve and protect (example for Cromania is Moldova and for Bulgchile is Ireland). The first amendment is that every country has all his core bonuses (example for Romania are 60% food and 20% weapons, doesn't matter what regions hold Romania). For a country first fight its family, for example Moldova is occupied by Ukraine, first will fight Cromania to free Moldova, if they can't succeed, Bulgchile will help and so on. This is for better coordination, this alliance will be able to sustain more open fronts.

Around this idea an alliance can be born and will be form of friendly "dualities" (brothers) proven by long term relations, swingers aren't accepted.


John Bokinski
John Bokinski Day 1,882, 03:59

Cosmin, what you are proposing was the basis of EDEN. Larger countries protecting smaller countries and treating them as equals. This was in opposition to ONE's perspective of focusing just in larger countries that would occupy more territory that they had in order achieve 100% bonus.

During many months the world was balanced between bonus seekers and advocates for equality. When USA & Brasil moved to the bonus seekers team the world become unbalanced and consequently I believe its difficult for an alliance that advocates equality to continue to exist if the bonus seekers do not want that to happen.

Probably we will enter a cycle that vengeance, where countries that felt betrayed by the actions of others will fight each other while the large bonus seekers like Poland and Servia will keep themselves low profile while farming the resources of other.

SEP II Day 1,882, 04:03


Romania giving up now?

Roman Daco
Roman Daco Day 1,882, 05:01

Suriatex, still wearing those horse blinders, still having few ideas, but strongly etched in your brain.

Here's some thoughts to expand your horizon:
Cosmin S is not Romania
(C)Romania is not giving up on EDEN, EDEN countries are giving up on (C)Romania.

To other readers: I know, I shoud have started with "banana is not the only food on earth".

Wildrunner Day 1,882, 05:17

John Bokinski what equality in EDEN? Remember what happened to Bulgaria which wasn't even a small country but was the strongest EDEN country at that time, in EDEN there is no equalty just the interests of a few.

Wildrunner Day 1,882, 05:20

As for the article I couldn't exactly understand the idea of this alliance you're proposing.

thaddaus Day 1,882, 05:53

i dont give a f*************** about bulagaria....

to all south danube trolls
nobody give a f ****** about you, just f***** play the f****** game

every article about alliances MUST have bulgarian ppl tell the SAME Fkuking story about bulgaria????

get over it and play the game

p.s. "but was the strongest EDEN country at that time" and take your f**** pills

Wildrunner Day 1,882, 06:31

Wildrunner, I am commenting the basis for creation of EDEN

It doesn't matter the ideas with which EDEN was created 3 years ago, what matters is that today is the opposite of what it preaches since a long time.

About the BG-TR issue it's too long to discuss this now, but yeah it is much more complicated.

BTW do u know that last summer EDEN was ready to kick Portugal out in exchange for Spain if Spain had wished to approach EDEN?

John Bokinski
John Bokinski Day 1,882, 06:32

Wildrunner, I am commenting the basis for creation of EDEN, and Bulgaria was one of the smaller countries that EDEN protected in the beginning. I really do not understand the Turkish-Bulgarian issue, I was two-clicking in that period and my perception was that Bulgaria did not agree with EDEN accepting Turkey as a trial member and left. I am sure the truth is more complicated than that.

The difference between ONE and EDEN is quite obvious when you considered how they reacted to CTRL. While EDEN fought for its smaller members, ONE (meaning Serbia, Hungary and Spoland) preferred to close shop, two of them would join CTRL and assure that USA&Brasil would move to ONE/CoT side and the others would let the smaller countries of ONE available for CTRL to grow.

Only when CTRL (USA) put into question Hungary, Spoland explained that their true alliance was with Serbia and Hungary not with the USA, so if they wanted to play with Macedonia that's ok but not with one of the core members. And that's why CTRL collapsed, not because of EDEN.

Do you remember Chech republik ? or Indonesia ?

The fact is that, even in this desperate stage EDEN still resembles something closer to equality between large and small, while TwO is the big boys club. But when you have a lot of countries underwater its normal that countries try to swim for the shore independently. In my opinion the connection between EDEN countries is not dependent of the existence of the alliance and clearly this is not a problem of coordination its a problem of damage (or lack of).

Wildrunner Day 1,882, 06:33

thaddaus, i think the one who needs to take his pills are you, your comment is indicative

John Bokinski
John Bokinski Day 1,882, 07:06

Wildrunner last summer Spain was in CTRL. Any agreement between EDEN and Spain would not work for the same reason CTRL did not worked, there is no Spain, only Spoland and Spoland is an ally of Serbia & Hungary, not EDEN. EDEN may have favored an agreement between Portugal and Spain, but they are not naif enough to believe they could bring Spain to EDEN side (irrespective of kicking Portugal or not).

The Georgian Knight
The Georgian Knight Day 1,882, 08:52

I gave some examples, since I play this game I observed that most of the powerful countries found his "brother" and made this "dualities": Cromania, Bulgchile, Spoland, Sengary, Usazil and one trinity GAT. Anyway it is an idea, so if somedy really wants to start something, hours of chating are required.

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