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NEW ALLIANCE: EU vs 3rd-World

Day 1,989, 16:30 Published in Croatia Croatia by Dr_Revenue
EU vs The Rest (sorry Serbia, no entrance allowed)


3rd World


Dr_Revenue Day 1,989, 16:33

3rd World DENIED!

eSecikesa Day 1,989, 16:35


Albus Day 1,989, 16:45


Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 1,989, 17:49

Ne znam, ja bi radije u 3rd world neg u EU xD

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 1,989, 17:50

Pokusaj trolanja:

Dr_Revenue Day 1,989, 18:04

Sam sebi dajes ocjenu ili....? xD

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 1,989, 18:05

Tvom clanku xD
Ja sam bio ozbiljan :PP

Lord Tinchosss
Lord Tinchosss Day 1,989, 19:45

V 9 s310

Dr_Revenue Day 1,989, 19:48

Sounds OK to me!

Lord Tinchosss
Lord Tinchosss Day 1,989, 19:51


Eurofakis Day 1,990, 00:17

add bosnia and albania 😃

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 1,990, 04:23

Add Ireland, Bosnia and Albania and we're fine !

Sir Rodrik
Sir Rodrik Day 1,990, 07:56

Isn´t this the same thing? It changes nothing!!!

FPS1 Day 1,991, 12:28

They only throw out eRomania 😃 Thats only reason why Eden died? For me, it would be more interesting if join COT, there is a part of Poland that doesnt have anything bad against Cro.

MuradSelim Day 1,989, 20:15

V. 🙁

DiPink Pie
DiPink Pie Day 1,990, 04:04

mmm what about the eUS?

dublap Day 1,990, 05:14

najbolje bi bilo odmorit se od svih i svega
nikakvi savezi barem neko vrijeme
malo se zajebavat po ratistima bez stresa i obaveza

Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Day 1,990, 08:44

What about the time zones. This idea will not survive long time 😉

Momcilo Trkulja
Momcilo Trkulja Day 1,990, 10:16

Wait a second, Croatia is in EU?

PsYh0tIC Day 1,990, 10:42

za 2 mjeseca junace 🙂

PsYh0tIC Day 1,990, 10:41

Lolllll a sta sa eBiH 🙂

St. Edoxin el Mokrinjski
St. Edoxin el Mokrinjski Day 1,990, 11:09

izgleda da vam ne treba tampon zona izmedju srbije i saveza 😃

PsYh0tIC Day 1,990, 11:11

Ma goni vise od sad nista vise protiv eBiH xDDDD imao sam lekcije od Milija 😛

Mr Coder
Mr Coder Day 1,990, 10:49

Croatia wil be in Eu after 2 months.

Momcilo Trkulja
Momcilo Trkulja Day 1,990, 11:46

Well it is not yet. I hope they enjoy it, they are gonna get into same situation like Greece, Spain, Portugal... You can surely say that EU did nothing to help Bulgaria

torca sibenik
torca sibenik Day 1,990, 14:03

still will be much better then in servia

Momcilo Trkulja
Momcilo Trkulja Day 1,991, 11:50

Well there are more important things than money for us Serbs.

VAse the Great
VAse the Great Day 1,991, 11:57

Torca, don't be so sure...and btw, they didn't make nothing to save PIGS countries, but they worked with decades to enslave it...Slovenia and Croatia are the next...

xdxm Day 1,990, 12:38

Fuck EU !

torca sibenik
torca sibenik Day 1,990, 14:06

EU vs The Rest (sorry Serbia, no entrance allowed)

ofc,they have turkish blood and turkey is not in eu

DzeGuevara Day 1,990, 19:56

ma da, samo naprijed....da propane sve kao sto propada u RL....brzo ce te traziti povratak u 3rd world x p

MilosDj Day 1,991, 10:17

Nisam znao da je EU u Aziji...

VAse the Great
VAse the Great Day 1,991, 11:40

EU je ku*ac, a to nama ne treba .
NE U EU !!!

FPS1 Day 1,991, 12:35

Comment deleted

FPS1 Day 1,991, 12:36

EU is most unstable alliance in whole history... As for me: In rl im from Latvia, in next year they gonna change LVL[Latvian valute] to EURO. If many years ago in Latvia everyone sayd yes, but now only 30-40% says yes. One of problems that i see is that, why the fuck did Latvia needed to have independence in 1918 and 1991, to create their own valute- LATS, and now just throw it away and make some ugly euro which has no real future. And say things like : "We are independent", how the fuck can you be independent if you cant have your own valute and make it as much as you can, and you must do everything what EU GOV says.

VAse the Great
VAse the Great Day 1,991, 15:08

Countries who have euro as valute have no right to their own fiscal policy. Maybe this is no problem for countries like Germany, because the euro depends mostly from german and some other bigger economies, but in some situations can be real nightmare for smaller countries and economies like Latvia. See what happen in Greece for example. Btw, that economic constelations in Europe are created mostly from Germany and a few other bigger economies in Europe - that mean, they can put countries like Latvia in economic collapse whenever they think that is necessary . EU is excellent option for bigger countries in Europe for their economic expansion, because there are no laws or mechanismes for protection of smaller countres.
I don't like to see my county in EU, and I must express big gratitude to our southern neighbours for 15 years vetoing Macedonia to enter in EU.

FPS1 Day 1,992, 13:21

That is the point, there is no real big difference between EU and USSR, only real difference is that you cant say you want to be in USSR or not.
For you it is different problem, but for me, as my country got 2 times independent, i see no real reason why would such a little country want to join this bullshit. For many years politicans and many tourists have said that we have very nice looking money, and now some mobster from EU want to screw things up. If talk about Greece and Germany, Germany all their time after WW2 was borrowing cash to smaller countries, so they could get profit later. Greece is on of those countries that was very selfish and didnt see a limit in borrowing money, they must be happy that they dont need to pay few billions because EU said so, NONE, i repeat, NONE, would allow Latvia not to pay loans. Even after "problems" in Greece, they still live better than 70% of population in Latvia.

Luka Rahowa Kroat
Luka Rahowa Kroat Day 1,991, 13:33

Fuck EU !!!

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