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Neo-Research party elections: no surprise [EN]

Day 1,823, 08:06 Published in Belgium Austria by Kaad

Kaad was elected with 50% the votes against tremaya and Ray Captain. The last president of the Belgian Monarchist party will take back as promised the ancient name and goal of the party. During his mandate, Ray Captain has changed lots of things in the party but without any effects. He failled presenting the party at Congres elections but stabilised our party.

Now, I have 8 days to change the party's image, give him more attractive, more respectfull about his creators ideas. We will now give our support to party with same ideas, promote and do everything for CoT, for eBelgium. We are very lucky to have such allies, such governements since some month that worked well to put great and strong bases for a great and strong state. Let's build a great Belgian Monarchist Party and eBelgium!

Kaad, 2x and actual president of the Belgian Monarchist Party, ambassador in France, Belgian in heart



NLSP Day 1,823, 09:19

good luck 🙂

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,824, 05:07

Congratulations 😉

Cotarius Day 1,825, 00:00

Good luck

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