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Now I'm not an expert as such, but I have had a good degree of success with these techniques. Some of which were taken from the worlds leading pick up artists.

Firstly, it should be stated that I believe any average looking guy can snag an attractive girl if they can portray themselves as having a somewhat witty, interesting and above all confident persona. Exuding confidence is vital to getting ANY woman that you may deem desirable.

I myself have quite a low set of standards for the term "desirable", in that I use the test- 'If you can't lift her, don't shift her!' 🙂 , with "shift" here at home in Ireland meaning kiss.

However, this is not what this article is about.

This article is about attracting the woman of your dreams, the 8s and 9s of this world (I don't personally believe there is such a thing as a 10). Here we go:

NEG-HIT Definition- A remark, sometimes humorous, used to point out a woman’s flaws. It is NOT an insult, these will get you exactly nowhere. Negs have 4 main uses:

a) A neg-hit IS used to penetrate a woman’s bitch shield.

😎 A neg-hit IS used to bring a woman down off her self-imposed pedestal.

c) A neg-hit is SINCERE. Women can spot phony a mile away.

d) And most importantly, a neg-hit IS used to bring a woman’s self perception more into line with reality.

Everything you have done previously in the presence of a beautiful woman she has experienced many times before, that day and throughout her life. They are used to men kissing their ass so initially, a neg will confuse them. But it is better to confuse them than to be forgotten, that is obvious. It will peak their curiosity in you. It will make you seem like more of a challenge. Finally it let's her know that you do not think that she is anything special based on her looks alone. This will also be very helpful later on when personality compatibility is more the priority.

It will seem extremely unnatural for you to neg hit someone you like. In fact, it will seem like the complete antithesis of a smart move to make in order to get with the girl. Projecting confidence here is essential. Although difficult, it will come with some practice.

There are three main groups around which you will neg-hit.

The first is her choices (choice of dress, hair style, makeup, etc). The second is her physical characteristics. Included in this is how she moves/speaks/eats/etc. Third (very rare and hard to accomplish) is her actions (how she treats someone, manners, etc.).

1) Choice neg-hits can be used as opening "lines", or can be used during a conversation.

Examples of Choice Neg-Hits:

+ "Hey, I like that outfit. **pause for her response** Yeah, my (mother/aunt/grandmother) has one just like it!" This one is a classic.

+ "You have a very pretty face, but you should use less makeup. Makeup should be used to enhance a woman’s beauty, not hide it."

+ "Nice outfit! **pause** I saw another woman here wearing the exact same thing!" Women HATE this. (Personally, if a guy was wearing the same thing as me, I’d just think he had good taste.)

+ "Have you highlighted your hair? **pause for her response** Why do women ruin their luxurious hair with highlights?"

Also, I cannot stress the importance of BEING SINCERE. If you think her hair is perfect, don’t use a hair neg-hit.

2) Physical trait neg-hits are best delivered in a humorous way, unless the woman is EXTREMELY hot or stuck up. Remember, you are pointing out flaws, but only because you think it’s CUTE.

Don’t just walk up and use these as openers. You should already have a conversation going when using these neg-hits. You MUST use humor with these neg-hits, on all except the most hot or stuck up chicks, because otherwise you just sound like an ass.

Examples of Physical Trait Neg-Hits:

+ "Do you know your nose wiggles when you (talk/laugh/drink)?"

+ "You have little crinkles around your eyes when you laugh."

+ "An attractive girl like you should take better care of her nails."

+ "You have a weird sense of humor."

+ "It’s kind of rude to chew with your mouth open."

+ "Please don’t interrupt me while I am speaking." Girls often do this unconsciously. Have you ever sat around and REALLY paid attention to a bunch of girls talking?

+ "Do you use a conditioner for split-ends?"

+ If she mentions she has a big butt or looks fat (called "fishing for a compliment", because she is trying to get you to compliment her), say "Nah, Puff Daddy would love a butt like that!" Notice that you told her what someone else would think of her butt, but (no pun intended) you haven’t told her what YOU think of it.

Ok, that should give you some examples on physical trait neg-hitting. Use your imagination. Remember, it is VERY easy to sound cruel when saying these types of things, so use humor. You’re pointing it out because you think it’s "cute" (awwwwww!), not because you are being mean or cruel.

This will be translated by the girl to the following internal conversation "He thinks my is ? No one has ever told me that. But he thinks it’s cute. Do other guys think like him? I certainly don’t think he is like other guys! Is my REALLY ?"

Notice how many times YOU were brought up in that internal conversation, which happens in a blink of the eye?

3) The last type of neg-hit, the "Action" neg-hit, is the most difficult to pull off without sounding like a pompous prick. It is best reserved for girls that shoot you down before you even get a chance to talk with them. You know the ones that I am talking about.

You walk up and say "Hi" and they give you a shitty look, or say "I’m not interested" right away. Those types of women. Although you can get away with these types of neg-hits on any stuck up girl. This is basically calling a woman on her bullshit when you don’t even know her.

Examples of Action Neg-Hits:

+ If you go up to talk to a woman, and she shoots you down before you even speak to her: "Hey lady, **laugh** all I wanted to do was to ask you for the ashtray/salt/ketchup/time/whatever. **laugh again, start to walk away, then say** I’ll be right over here when you want to apologize." (Notice, not "if" but "when"). Walk away laughing. Every time you catch her looking your way, laugh her way.

+ "You know, it is really unbecoming for a woman like yourself to be so snobbish."

+ "You behaved very rudely. Weren’t you taught proper manners?" This is best used if you overhear her interaction with someone else, and she WAS behaving rudely.

+ When she says something totally ludicrous ("I really like nice guys", etc.) "You are SO full of shit!" Guys, watch the deer-caught-in-the-headlights look! It’s hilarious. She’ll not have a response for this. This is my all time favorite! Be prepared to explain why you thought so, because when she recovers her composure she will most certainly ask for an explanation.

+ If she cusses a lot, "Do you know how unattractive it is when a woman speaks like that?"

+ "Please be a little more considerate where you are blowing your smoke."

+ Correct her grammar. (Especially difficult to pull off without sounding pompous.)

NO MATTER IF HUMOR IS USED OR NOT, ALWAYS DELIVER THE NEG-HIT WITH THE UTMOST SUPREME CONFIDENCE! A neg-hit without confidence is like going bear hunting with an unloaded rifle. You may think it’s cool, but you’ll get your ass chewed up!

Neg-hits work because you quickly and effortlessly take a woman down from her pedestal. You show her you are in control, you have a quick wit and mind, and that she doesn’t impress you. In other words, YOU ARE EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE OF ALL THE CHUMPS THAT HAVE BEEN HITTING ON HER.

Thats all from me folks. <strong>I am sure there will be many who write-off this article due it have no reference to the game, but I believe this game is bigger than Ajay Bruno and the lack of war with eHungary at the moment. I hope this will be of some interest to some of you.

V&S If you liked it

Your friend, J. x</strong>