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Day 1,903, 08:39 Published in Norway Norway by vif12vf


There are reported that the forrests in northern eNorway has begun to grow again after all these years,the forrests where nearly taken away because of the need of resources such as wood to make eNorway and eRussia strong countries!

Other news

The eRussians had placed out some siberian tigers in northern eNorway,sadly most of these were killed when Taulen desided that it was killing time.

And the record for longest cow-dropping was awarded Che Kukaken this afternoon,congratulations to him!

An big mistake was made today as Akashaton nearly shot Ursidae Polar thinking he was a real polar bear,happily Ursidae was not wounded at all 🙂

Thank you for reading my article,if you was one of the persons in this article and feel offended please feel free to PM me.

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Che Kukaken
Che Kukaken Day 1,903, 08:46


Versuchskaninchen Day 1,903, 10:55


Ursidae Polar
Ursidae Polar Day 1,903, 12:34

Lucky that Akash is a really bad shot when drunk!😃

vif12vf Day 1,903, 14:29

hehe yup

Lemurio Day 1,905, 23:16

Nikon 3D :3
Siberian only bears(: Tiger and Leopards are Amur

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