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Natural Enemies

Day 1,776, 05:55 Published in South Africa Bolivia by atrawall

There's now a mission that rewards citizens 60 Strength.

But you need to kill Natural Enemies

There are 3 options for us

Brazil: Didn't properly return regions last time as their "Citizens didn't listen to the Government Orders" AKA: Brazil doesn't give a crap about us.

Australia: Kind of in their own trouble right now and don't really need a training war with us to add to the list.

Uruguay: In order to do this, we'd need to take back Western Cape from Brazil then make sure we don't wipe Uruguay as they are a small country as well.

The only 2 REAL options we have both involve Brazil. If we decide to play this game, I say we go into it with intentions of keeping Western Cape. Then we have multiple options for Training Wars in the future and don't have to go through Brazil to play our own game.

When it comes to Brazil, we want our land back.

This CP Election vote with the Dignity and Pride of UP.
Vote for yourself.

We Are a Union of Patriots



Dark Spectre
Dark Spectre Day 1,776, 07:32


Alfredo The Sauce
Alfredo The Sauce Day 1,776, 08:36

Trade Free State for Western Cape. eBrazil keeps aluminum, we have access to the outside world.

kiwifire1 Day 1,776, 10:16

Voted Hard!!! Dignity First!!

shokka Day 1,776, 10:17

Problems with Brazil you say? Where's Mr Wet when you need him.

Miyagiyoda Day 1,776, 12:02

What Afredo said except that WC does not link to any of our egions. We would require the return of EC and KZN too - both surplus resources for Brazil and worthless food to boot.

atrawall Day 1,776, 12:15

Thanks Miyagiyoda!

Dr. James McCrimmon
Dr. James McCrimmon Day 1,776, 12:21

Prepare for war with Uruguay 😮

Alfredo The Sauce
Alfredo The Sauce Day 1,776, 12:54

Thanks Miyagiyoda, I didn't consult a map before I said that lol.

Ramet3 Day 1,776, 15:23


Rexdeus Day 1,776, 16:29

Voted Hard!!! Dignity First!!

Wacky368 Day 1,776, 16:33

voted hard! dignity first!

AdUnit Day 1,776, 16:59


Seisan Day 1,776, 17:50

"When it comes to Brazil, we want our land back."

Which is clearly why you keep making aggressive remarks rather than just suggest opening negotiations. You're opting for the harder and more dangerous route for no reason.

atrawall Day 1,776, 18:48

@Seisan - I realized I was coming off as aggressive. Simply making it clear that I am serious. We constantly complain but have no suggestions here I have discussed that I'm not looking to be wiped or simply attack. I won't become CP and immediately click the NE button:

Al Kazar
Al Kazar Day 1,776, 22:57

If you wanna take back WC we would need another buffer other than Brazil between us and South America, so why not just wipe Uruguay?

Miyagi, unfortunately EC is not a surplus resource for Brazil.

Vanessa1309 Day 1,777, 00:42

Well Brazil is pretty uncooperative at this point and will only release WC if they get FS.

LiquidIce Day 1,777, 07:24

Apparently the NE mission will come and go...

atrawall Day 1,777, 07:37

Brozil - keeping eSA from playing the game since 2010.

Vanessa1309 Day 1,777, 07:59

We couldn't have done it anyway, the costs of recovering from a wipe were way too high and who wants to start the new term as CP with no regions?

Locutus Day 1,777, 12:56

Awesome article!


Jizzie McGuire
Jizzie McGuire Day 1,777, 15:09

Dignity First! Hail Claudio!

Matthew Rayner
Matthew Rayner Day 1,797, 09:19

Brilliant Idea

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