National Goals, motivation for everybody

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Dear citizens,

In about two weeks we will once again have presidential elections in the New World. But this time, it will be different. So very different. Elections mean campaigns, and campaigns means promises. And promises made to the population are actually goals for the politicians to achieve. When we take the campaign promises and turn them into national goals for which everybody must work, then we add a bit of national pride as well as competition spirit, we get a new eRepublik feature.

The next presidential candidates will have at their disposal the option to set three national goals, one for each of the following sections:

- Economy: Increase the GDP by x %

- Society: Increase the population by x %

- Military: either keep all current regions, or by the end of mandate own control of specified new regions

It must be said that there is only one way to do this: set up three goals, or set nothing at all. You can't choose only partially, let's say, only one society goal and forget about the rest. You need at least three goals in order to have a valid campaign. Please consider that in the future more goals will be added, for each of the three categories. For now we start simple, to get everybody used with the concept. Also, suggestions and feedback about this are very welcome. The page for creating national goals looks like this.

And now we jump to the election day. Instead of the plain list of candidates, you will see a page similar to this.

The cool thing is that each candidate has his own goals presented to the voters, so you will really vote advisedly. From now on, you will know what you are voting for, not just words! And when the “judgment day” comes, there will be no place for the politicians to hide..

But we keep saying the goals are "national" while just the presidential candidates are proposing them. Yes, it seems personal, but remember with your vote you will be choosing the candidate and the program for your country. Therefor, the moment a candidate wins the elections, his campaign goals turn into national goals. On the country stats page, a new tab lists current national goals, as well as already accomplished ones, in the past months. You can see here a fictive picture illustrating this.

It's normal for the goals to be national, because, after all, to have as a target to conquer X or Y region of the New World by the end of the month, is the whole country's job. Everybody must play smart together. It is not just a one-man job. And mainly the country should be proud of the accomplishments, but of course the leader has his merits too.

“The bigger, the better,” they say. When it comes to the monuments related to fulfilled national goals, this is true. The biggest monument shows proudly that all three goals were accomplished, a wonderful job done. The medium one means that only two of them were "checked", a pretty good job. And the smallest means that only one out of the three national goals was successfully fulfilled. As you can see, you can watch the history of any country in the world, to see what they have managed to achieve in the previous months.

Things to be considere😛
- The 2nd day of the month is the last one in which goals can be edited or created.
- Also, the final candidates list for presidential elections is closed in this day.
- On the 4th day of each month the previous goals are analyzed and if fulfilled Monuments that commemorate your nations achievements are created.
- On the 5th we have the new elections and on the 6th we have the new national goals.

Good luck everybody, in your attempts to fulfill national goals and achieve monuments like these!

The eRepublik Team