National Giveaways - Day 6,000

Day 5,998, 10:37 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by eUK Home Office

Dear Citizens,

As we prepare to pass another incredible milestone, we are grateful to all the Citizens who shaped the New World for 5,000 6,000 days.

This landmark is no doubt the achievement of the heroes who won battles, the leaders who managed to rally communities behind them, the writers who documented history, and, last but not least, all the Citizens who contributed to eRepublik without being in the spotlight.

It is certainly a time of celebration and we’re releasing a special batch of anniversary mission UK national giveaway!



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UK Citizens Only

Would you like some nostalgia while you are here via a look back at Day 5,000 and other Landmark Days

On the lead up to Day 6,000 I thought I'd look at past Day !,000s, encourage citizens to share memories and ask what citizens are doing to prepare for Day 6,000. What do you think is in store for us?

Day 1,000 - 1,000 Days Of The New World

From what I can find, Day 1,000 was primarily a day of celebration with numerous article published by the player base however not sure if there was any "official" missions or giveaway events.

Day 2,000 - Only on Day 2000

On day 2,000 of the new world, there was an offer for the players, which gave the power to refill the full energy (instead 100 energy) with only one energy bar.

Day 3,000 - Epic Day 3000

eRepublik has reached its 3,000th eDay! Since you happened to be here on this eDay, why not make something memorable out of it?

If you completed your Daily Tasks and defeated a total of 333 enemies in 3 different campaigns. You were rewarded with 3,000 energy.

Day 4,000 - Day 4,000: a nourishing Dinner

eRepublik has reached its 4,000th eDay! Since you Happen to be around on this eDay, why not finish it with a bang?

There were three mission which followed each other 1st to recover 400 energy to receive a Reward Decoration, a 2nd to recover 4,000 energy and receive 40 gold and finally a 3rd to recover 40,000 energy and receive 400 pumpkins.

In addition the ,most contested ground and air battle were epic and there was +40% Rankpoints in every battle

There were more gold for each medal
Battle Hero: 4x
Sky Hero: 40
Campaign Hero: 40x

There were also rewards for Top 5 Damage in every battle:
1st place 2 pumpkins every 10 kills
2nd place 2 pumpkins every 12 kills
3rd place 2 pumpkins every 15 kills
4th place 2 pumpkins every 18 kills
5th place 2 pumpkins every 20 kills

Day 5,000 - Join the celebration!

As eRepublik reached its 5,000th day, it honored the contributions of its diverse community while introducing anniversary missions and changes to improve engagement and enjoyment for both current and future players. Among the updates, air battles occurred in every round, with rewards for participants and adjustments to campaign mechanics.

This is an excellent and comprehensive article detailling Day 5,000 - Day 5000, Fuel and Permanent Air Rounds - Join the Celebration! [2021] by B I T E R

Highlights here

Air battles in Every Round

Campaigns starting after day 5,001 00:00, will offer a battle zone dedicated to aviators in every round.

- The winner of a Sky Hero medal will receive 10 Gold as a reward.
- An aircraft battle will give 7 campaign points to the winning side.
- An epic aircraft battle will give 14 points to the winning side and 20 Gold to the Sky Heroes.
- A total of 150 campaign points will be required for winning a campaign in war.

Introducing Fuel in Deployments

Starting day 5,004, Fuel will be needed by vehicles in order to join a battlezone.

- If available, a Fuel unit will be used on the first deployment in a new battlezone.
- Every Citizen will start with a pool of 70 Fuel units.
- The Fuel pool replenishes to 70 units weekly, every Tuesday at day change (00:00).
- Extra Fuel can be acquired in the Gold store. Keep in mind that the price of Fuel in the shop starts at 1 Gold and increases with every purchase. The Fuel acquired and not used during the week does not carry on to the next one. The price of Fuel also resets weekly.

The missions were

5000: United we stand 1-10

To complete the mission, it needs 5 players from the same Regiment to fight in the same battle and Division and spend the amount of damage that it needs.

+449 Ice Creams in total from the missiom "United we stand"

5000: Divided we fall

For this mission, you will need to take one Hero Medal (SH OR BH doesn't matter) but after 60 mins of the battle. This means, you need to cooperate with your friend or steal a medal..

+2625 Ice Creams in total from the mission "Devided we fall"

5000: A new hope

For this one is important you have CS of a country which has MPP (Mutual Protection Pact) signed and to move to your country region before shooting for the MPP side in their campaigns. Be sure to use 1040 energy - just in case if last kill will not be full!

+1104 Ice Creams in total from the mission "A new hope"

5000: Mark the Day

For this, you need to complete 10 Missions for the Day 5000 Decoration.

Day 6,000 - ?????

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