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n3m0 to New Goverment - Next Month Choose Native eMalaysian Became President

Day 1,722, 00:56 Published in Malaysia Indonesia by o0n3m00o

Congrats for the presidency Mr. President, hope you can release the ministry and all stuff ASAP. Meanwhile I got something to share.

After 2 days I spent my time in eMalaysia, talk with some native, there are some facts that need to be taken care of. And I do understand on why they tend like that.

The facts are:
1. Many PTOers come to this country and give promises almost the same like we are now. Want to build eMalaysia, help eMalaysia, etc.... Although none of them offer an idea like "Noah ark", but most of them give a good promises. But guess what? in the end, they just put eMalaysia became another puppet!

2. Our present here (me especially) with this "weird" idea are too fast. They still want to see how serious we are.

3. All of us said that we are not PTOErs, we will trying to help eMalaysia, but its kinda weird since all the gov come from eIndonesia and didnt give a chance to native eMalaysian controlling the country.

With those fact, many native eMalaysian now wait and see, didnt trust us and skeptical on seeing to us. I knew that we are all here have changed our goal from "conventional PTO" to became "REAL BUILDING COUNTRY". But We need to do more action so we can have reconciliation. We cant do our plan on "Noah Ark" without support from native. So, I have a suggestion...

It would be great if in next month, let native Malaysian take the presidency, and show them that we will support them with the best we have 🙂.
What do you think?

To native eMalaysian, please reconsider our offer and idea. Pleare try to communicate with gov. The chance like this is rare, and it will help us to keep have fun together. And for the first step, please speak up! free your mind 🙂

Just it for now, hope we can have a good start 🙂


IndoBot Day 1,722, 01:02

Nice share idea

AdventSyracuase Day 1,722, 01:02

Explain these "changes" you would like to make.

Maximus Sammitto
Maximus Sammitto Day 1,722, 01:11

It would be great if in next month, let native Malaysian take the presidency, and show them that we will support them with the best we have
n3m0, I don't think I'm authorized to answer that (as government or CP). I'm elected Country president, try to lead this eCountry, manage some MPP's,etc., but letting some native people to run presidency is not my domain. Tell them to run presidency next month, I personally will support them

o0n3m00o Day 1,722, 01:15

that sounds great 🙂, hope they read your comment bro 🙂

the changes is you and me, together trying to implement the vision to be followed by this country. The idea of "Noah Ark" aka bahtera aka ship.

I dont care if you guys became president or taking care everything, but believe me, many players support this idea. but this idea wont work without support from you 🙂

Lego Man
Lego Man Day 1,722, 01:34

Good wrote up,voted. however i have 3 questions. When eBrazil marches towards eIndonesia,what will your group or eIndonesians residing here do? is this the first step towards forming an asian coalition alliance? is there a guarantee/signed memo that CP and congress are only to be taken by the eMY native?

akmalaputra Day 1,722, 01:35


o0n3m00o Day 1,722, 01:43

@lego man
we are not part of Indonesia anymore, we just want to follow our new idea of "Noah Ark".
And no, we are not part of any alliance bro
For your last question, you can see the answer from maximus. But I will do our best to support you. that's why please try to open the communication from now on.

Remember, we have another group who tried to PTO eMalaysia too, and we dont know what is their intention.

irvan permana
irvan permana Day 1,722, 01:59

jelasin misi jelly yg lalu, klo kita memang bisa kooperatif dan kerjasama sama native player

o0n3m00o Day 1,722, 02:15

Kawan eMalaysian, coba baca disini:

Itu salah satu misi kita dahulu, membantu eLithuania 🙂

orange day
orange day Day 1,722, 02:19

keduluan n3m0 naroh linknya xD

Firebourne Day 1,722, 03:54

We can't do anything if we can't control our own country.

o0n3m00o Day 1,722, 04:28

Bila anda setuju dengan idea "Noah ark", tidak masalah sepertinya presiden diambil alih oleh eMy. Apa artikel ini kurang jelas kah?

Rinisawa Zhu
Rinisawa Zhu Day 1,722, 05:01

ikut.. X3

GadjahMadaa Day 1,722, 05:18

siape pun CP nya.. don't play play with malaysia laa...

Firebourne Day 1,722, 05:42

@o0n3m00o, saya rasa cadangan kamu tu baik, tapi pada masa yang sama, saya tak rasa cadangan ini realistik. Macam mana nak ubah CS setiap kali? Tak mungkin ramai negara akan beri begitu, kan?

orange day
orange day Day 1,722, 06:11

@firebourne : disitu letak serunya, bro 🙂

o0n3m00o Day 1,722, 06:46

salah pak cik
kita tidak ganti cs, kita tetap pake cs malaysia dan mendorong region malaysia untuk terus maju ke depan. Tidak berganti cs.. sepertinya salah faham pak cik

Ying Ko
Ying Ko Day 1,722, 07:14

Native this native that... feels like a divide and rule things....

TimuggonHunters Day 1,722, 08:42

Good idea,let us lead our own eCountry,
you came with peace,we greet with nice..
together we will be strong and be happy.
"Dimana bumi dipijak di situ langit dijunjung".

o0n3m00o Day 1,722, 17:18

"Dimana bumi dipijak di situ langit dijunjung". ah, kok peribahasa itu sama sih kwkwkwwk

IndoMy Day 1,722, 21:56

ikut dong oom gabung jelly army ........

/me ikut jalan jalannyo...

o0n3m00o Day 1,722, 22:38

ya udah apply cs aja, tapi congressnya sedikit.. jadi ngantri mungkin hehehe

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