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n3m0 Greets to Malaysia! Our New Home!

Day 1,719, 22:08 Published in Malaysia Indonesia by o0n3m00o

Dear All, intro, I am n3m0 previously Indonesian citizen but now moved to Malaysia in hoping that will found new place for me and friends to stay for long time. I have play from 2008 and got many Malaysian friends before, I dunno if they still play or not.. 🙁
You can read on wiki or ask to any Indonesian about who I am if you want to know more.

Why Malaysia? and What is my vision?
Well, me and some friends got vision to implement new way of play so we can escape from our boredom. Also, we ve seen that Malaysia has been PTOed and occupied many times by others. We need to change it and get out from old style of living.

Bahtera Vision
Yup, we will try to implement Bahtera vision. WTF is that? It is to move our country to another place such as Africa, etc, by diplomacy or by force. Bahtera mean ship, we plan to move our region to another place and who know keep moving all around the world. Its like a ship who always mobile. With this vision, we dont need enemy (maybe we will face one 😛), we can concentrate only to our ship and we keep active mobile 🙂

How to pass the other region? how to deal with the country that we will passed? how if we get RW? MPP, NE? etc? That will be our challenge 🙂. One thing for sure, we cant do this without the support and the unity of us as citizen of the country. We need to play something new to make this game more interesting. So, that's our offer.

Any idea or comment are welcome 🙂

Just it for now and hope we gonna be Supreme Human Being which is different then the other country!


fandi89 Day 1,719, 22:10


o0n3m00o Day 1,719, 22:12

we need new ava, any malaysian can make new one for me?

neo_Ryan Day 1,719, 22:19

semoga sukses buat bahteranya

Maximus Sammitto
Maximus Sammitto Day 1,719, 22:22


inanayuks Day 1,719, 22:34

eMalaysia Truly eAsia 😃

TimmyX Day 1,719, 22:50

voted hard!!

o0n3m00o Day 1,719, 23:01

does carr de vaux still play?

Zaeruapollo Grantz
Zaeruapollo Grantz Day 1,719, 23:10

welcome to my hell.. haha

akmalaputra Day 1,719, 23:19

om nemo jadi nahkodanya xD

Diktator eIndonesia
Diktator eIndonesia Day 1,720, 00:47

tuh mo di tantangin maen moo ama Zaeruapollo Grantz...

lordioderon Day 1,720, 00:54

lol this is sooo funnehhhhhhhh!!! i laughed hard, wow u've made my day..

o0n3m00o Day 1,720, 01:30

macam mana pula pak cik punya ide, share la 😛

Marcotje Day 1,720, 03:00

Oh god...

lordioderon Day 1,720, 03:50

u want us to migrate to somewhere else so that u can rule eMY without any opposition from us, isnt it?
langkah mayat kami dulu 😛

Arraku Day 1,720, 04:48

vooootttteeeeeddd.... 😃

Maximus Sammitto
Maximus Sammitto Day 1,720, 06:49

@lordieron: I think you misunderstood. Bahtera is a mission that allowed a country to move mobile. We don't have any intention to migrate all native people. We can do it together...

@izzatfuhrer: And all you did is "See it"? C'mon do something! Ask native malaysian to play this game. Make a babyboom! OR You will see PTO killing your country in your entire eLife

imobil Day 1,720, 07:05

woiii.. seingat ane dulu n3m0 cari penerjermah buat artikel english tapi yang ini boleh lah...

minta ijin naik kapal kapten n3m0....

serang city
serang city Day 1,720, 07:15

Mpoted.. udah rame aja

Rinisawa Zhu
Rinisawa Zhu Day 1,720, 07:16

ikut ga yaaaa? :3

Buntak Dayung Bluesavvy
Buntak Dayung Bluesavvy Day 1,720, 07:18

dunno who you are. name who was your eMy friends please

o0n3m00o Day 1,720, 17:11

carr de vaux/cdv, maruko (I tried to contact her ym but seem she not play anymore), tan wee lip, wan wee yap (beta players at 2008), the rest i forgot lol

Listen bro, its only an idea, it will attract many ppl to join us and help your country against "bad ptoers".

nope bro.. just start communicate with us. take congress or presidency if you want, I dont care. What I care is I do honest to build this country 🙂

KaMaRuL Day 1,720, 17:34

Fresh but Radical Ideas 😛
Apapun Salam Perkenalan

o0n3m00o Day 1,720, 17:39

salam bro 🙂

Please everyone, try to communicate and active. Show the world that you are all alive!

Yo Ben
Yo Ben Day 1,720, 18:01

nice.. vote this

threesecond Day 1,720, 23:10

Zaeruapollo Grantz
Zaeruapollo Grantz Day 1,721, 00:11 me the money

o0n3m00o Day 1,721, 00:16

cem mana show you the money pak cik hahaha, uang ada di kiri monitor anda kwwkkwwk

ProudToBeMe Day 1,721, 02:06

om n3mo: ajak saya lah, gimana prosesnya?

JUJAI23 Day 1,721, 02:22

loo ngapain milih malaisia?

o0n3m00o Day 1,721, 02:32

satu rumpun? selalu di pto orang? tak pernah berkembang? dan banyak alasan.

jadi mari kita bangun! 🙂

EScrapper Day 1,721, 03:54


Amli Nujhan
Amli Nujhan Day 1,721, 04:01

I remember n3m0...

Leo Syahmessi
Leo Syahmessi Day 1,721, 07:18

this is hard..let us think first..then we will decide..but before that,show yourself and prove that you are not the shitty PTOers..we are not arrogant,but we just be careful of strangers.. 🙂

Lego Man
Lego Man Day 1,721, 07:38

Leo is right,we are careful about friends right now,as much as it sounds nice,like every eMalaysian here we need proof,words are just words,and there is alot to proof considering malaysia was bullied and ripped apart. on that note,you are welcome to fight for malaysia.

khazli Day 1,721, 17:20

welcome bro..nice to see u...

o0n3m00o Day 1,721, 17:46

yes agree with that guys. I have read some newspaper of yours, and i can see that many PTOers come and go promised something but the fact was.... another shit...
We will do our best to change that 🙂

you remember? lol... sorry.. I kinda forgot 😃 where is cdv, maruko, etc?

Lokajaya Day 1,721, 19:15

Go Bahtera Vision....

A thousand miles trip starts from Teluk Batu....🙂

Buntak Dayung Bluesavvy
Buntak Dayung Bluesavvy Day 1,722, 20:38

all eDied, CVD alive for few days before eDied again in eNZ

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