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n3m0: Ada Apakah Dengan Tanah eMY?!!

Day 1,729, 19:41 Published in Malaysia Indonesia by o0n3m00o

Baru saja kita lolos dari airstrike eRomania yang tentu saja bila mereka berhasil datang ke tanah kita, akan berat bagi kita melawannya.

Tapi dari kabar yang dibawa angin, ternyata eSouth Korea juga "telah meminta ijin pak Presiden" untuk airstrike kita! OMFG! tentu saja pak press kita menolaknya mentah2x.

Belum cukup sampai disitu, tersiar kembali kabar burung bila eFrance pun tertarik akan airstrike kita?! Alamak!

SEbetulnya, ada apakah dengan tanah eMY sehingga orang berlomba-lomba untuk merebut tanah kita?



Hendrig Day 1,729, 19:47

tanah surga rupanya tanah kita ni..

Hendrig Day 1,729, 19:50

it really like France ready with the airstrike

o0n3m00o Day 1,729, 20:00

wah... serius kah?

Yo Ben
Yo Ben Day 1,729, 20:36

the holly land... ? remember the holly mother mumun.. lol

noorjaman Day 1,729, 20:38

apakah airstrike?

rojinoor Day 1,729, 20:39

an attack to another region that has no direct border...

dendang.rindu Day 1,729, 20:41

Want my heart "airstriked" by her... uh..

lemah_hati Day 1,729, 20:41

what should we do?

threesecond Day 1,729, 20:59

you should start advertise erepublik in malaysia
real life
so you can get a babyboom
like eIndo do in kaskus, the largest forum in Indonesia

tell them its about pride
and dont bring RL hatred to this game, its game not real life

trust me its work

threesecond Day 1,729, 21:00

France cant airstrike eMY while they dont any region left

IndoMy Day 1,729, 21:34

you airstrike my heart...oh....

Aarin Wong
Aarin Wong Day 1,729, 21:58

henchee funny, holy land 🙂

Maximus Sammitto
Maximus Sammitto Day 1,729, 22:18

Whatever happens, we have to be ready anytime...not just eSK, eFrance... any country could strike us ANYTIME! Ask your friends, your girl/boyfriends, your family to join the game... and make eMalaysia a great country!

o0n3m00o Day 1,729, 22:55

what happen if the countdown of airstrike module off? do we still can do an airstrike?

we do need to make babyboom program for eMY,...

adit 99
adit 99 Day 1,729, 23:05

Airstriking eMY --> highway to indonesia

Hendrig Day 1,729, 23:14

yes we need babyboom, but what issue can bring new babies here?

o0n3m00o Day 1,729, 23:34

the one who knew about the issue in MY RL only native malaysian, but I dont think our friends got a gut to say it here lol

I dunno if they have courage to say "Let's build our eCountry while we cant do anything in RL" lol

Lego Man
Lego Man Day 1,730, 00:10

As far as I can see it, They want a Forward Operating Base in this region, whether its TEDEN or anyone, it's to exert control over the region, just like adit says, we're a gateway. If it happens, we'll make it difficult for them.

@n3m0: yeap exactly man, most of the players will be impatient and want to "level and be strong" quickly. Most of us took years to get where we are without help so I was hoping that if we had a good newbie guide and some help.

Blitz Aegis
Blitz Aegis Day 1,730, 01:09

buto la sume tu

Hendrig Day 1,730, 01:16

@Lego Man
erepublik is about community right? we're here to help as much as we can..
for eMalaysia!!!!

o0n3m00o Day 1,730, 01:21

yeah, dont play for the game, play for the community! 🙂
Glad to have some new friends 🙂

MiVEX Day 1,730, 02:05

Dulu lagu Ella...Standing In The Eyes Of The World

Tusheng Day 1,730, 02:09

let invite Holy mother Mumun to joint e Malay


Buntak Dayung Bluesavvy
Buntak Dayung Bluesavvy Day 1,730, 02:23

did tried to advertise in real life, did have baby of my own, till they died of boredom and lost of interest,

Maximus Sammitto
Maximus Sammitto Day 1,730, 02:27

Ella....Berlayar tidak bertepian (I know that song LOL). I also love to hear Wings 😃

imobil Day 1,730, 03:32

itu kutukan karna dekat dengan eIndonesia

orange day
orange day Day 1,730, 03:38

Usulan untuk memperkuat community : buat banyak aktivitas di RL, seperti : gathering, sukan bersama (bola sipak, futsal), charity, etc .

adit 99
adit 99 Day 1,730, 03:42

eMY is gateway to indonesia, so let them win the airstrike, make a MPP with the attacker, attack philipphines and india >> same like swapping region

correct me if i'm wrong

o0n3m00o Day 1,730, 03:49

@Buntak and all
what orange said is true, you need to make some real events keep kickin, such as gathering, charity, sport, etc..
Without "kebersamaan event", it would be hard to maintain them keep play here since the game is suck 🙂

sapasaia Day 1,730, 04:18

eMalaysia Jaya !

Rinisawa Zhu
Rinisawa Zhu Day 1,730, 04:42


Buntak Dayung Bluesavvy
Buntak Dayung Bluesavvy Day 1,730, 06:59

true, now the only dead baby which turns to be alive again is wingman. others choose not to play because of the boredom.

Amli Nujhan
Amli Nujhan Day 1,730, 08:22

This is a cursed earth.
Please enter in solemn and peace.

inanayuks Day 1,730, 22:08

Bersatu untuk eMalaysia Jaya

BlackLunar Day 1,732, 08:53

orang bilang tanah kita tanah surga

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