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My Vice President, and The Next Generation of Leadership

Day 1,225, 18:52 Published in USA USA by Pfeiffer.
The most important thing every President does is select a staff. These people are indicative of the type of month the country can expect to have, and how the President will conduct themselves.

I had this in mind when I sat down to begin choosing my Vice President, and senior staff. My Vice President needed to be, first and foremost, someone who had a different view of the world than I do. They needed to see the world differently, to ensure that I always think through every option available to me.

In order to accomplish this, I selected a player who, while he has a lot of experience, is still new to the USA political scene, and developed a different style of gameplay while living abroad. He has served in various roles, in various countries, and has twice led Switzerland as their President.

Yes, you guessed it. My Vice President is none other than Paul Proteus.

Paul moved to the USA back in December, and has risen quickly, due to his previous experience in Switzerland, and his understanding of the game. He’s honest, trustworthy, and willing to work hard to get the job done, no matter what it is. The Vice President’s office will be, this month, that of a Senior Advisor, and will be privy to everything I do so that he can take over for me for brief periods.

Should I expect to leave the game for an extended period, I will ask Congress to Impeach me. The Vice President is not truly elected, and while it is OK for him to cover for me for a day, maybe a weekend, anything stretching beyond three or four days requires someone to be able to sit down and push the buttons that need pushing with full authority.

People always talk about our lack of experienced Foreign Affairs players. The truth is, we’re lacking in most departments. With this in mind, I chose my senior staff, and set up a system to train up and coming players for all of the most important roles in government.

Every one of my Cabinet Secretaries, and my Chief of Staff, will have two Deputies. At least one of which will be chosen from people who fill out the cabinet application. These two deputies will be assigned various tasks within their department, and by the 20th day of my administration one of them will be promoted to take over their department.

It is my goal to try and train up the next generation of American leadership. Harrison Richardson did it with his first cabinet. Gaius Julius, Jewitt, PigInZen, Woxan, and yes, even I, had our first big break under him. Even Emerick, already poised for greatness had his first senior position in that cabinet. Unless we push new players, especially those who have talent, and seek to one day lead this country, they’ll never learn, and they’ll never grow.

All of you hopefuls who filled out the cabinet application, you need to be ready. We’re going to have a fast paced month, and the work starts on day 1 (probably earlier).

In the next article: Chief of Staff’s office, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Sejanus Saturninus Lex
Sejanus Saturninus Lex Day 1,225, 18:54

You will get my vote when I get n00dz

Stanley Ibcus
Stanley Ibcus Day 1,225, 18:55

Congratulations to Paul for being selected.

SpiffMonkie Day 1,225, 18:57


Jelly9473 Day 1,225, 18:57

Article about the state department?

jerseygirldani Day 1,225, 18:58

Congrats to Paul!

Lex, I might have what you're looking for. Let's make a deal?

Coxswain McGillicutty
Coxswain McGillicutty Day 1,225, 18:58

Paul Proteus is a spectacular eUS citizen.

silisius Day 1,225, 18:59


deerslayer77 Day 1,225, 18:59

cool beans

Turd Fergusen
Turd Fergusen Day 1,225, 19:14


Turd Fergusen
Turd Fergusen Day 1,225, 19:14


Haliman Day 1,225, 19:16

Good VP choice

S-Mac31 Day 1,225, 19:30

"Good VP choice" No, not at all.

GREAT PP CHOICE. One of the best guys I know in this game. Excellent excellent choice. I'm rly excited about this.

Robert Loggia
Robert Loggia Day 1,225, 19:41


Alaricus Day 1,225, 19:47

Coolio Beans?

Hadrian X
Hadrian X Day 1,225, 20:06

Paul Proteus knows a lot of good jokes. I like him. \o/

The Libertine
The Libertine Day 1,225, 21:19


Jon Vontalmo
Jon Vontalmo Day 1,225, 21:24

Great VP pick Pfeiffer. If you didn't have my vote before, you've got it now.

StygianSteel Day 1,225, 21:41

Good choice

Bishop M
Bishop M Day 1,225, 21:42

\o\ \o/ /o/

Jimmy Brando
Jimmy Brando Day 1,225, 22:10

a great VP pick 🙂

TThe Dude
TThe Dude Day 1,226, 00:19


Jovan Tekelija
Jovan Tekelija Day 1,226, 07:27

a great VP pick х2

Dishmcds Day 1,226, 07:52

Voted this article for posterity.

Tendou Day 1,226, 08:46

paul who?

SorryN00b Day 1,226, 09:27

I also want to be Top (Gun) Adviser 😃

Dittohead Day 1,226, 10:12


Satya Yuga
Satya Yuga Day 1,226, 10:17

But, then who will head up the Department of Fun? =^)

jaywalker71 Day 1,226, 10:44

any serious candidates? please?

weasel2 Day 1,226, 10:53

I hope you can encourage more new players to join the people who run this country for my enjoyment.

Libra Investments
Libra Investments Day 1,226, 13:37

o/ nice career, Paul!

ssomo Day 1,226, 14:26

Reaching out for the non-hater troll vote. Smart move.

Talio Extremist
Talio Extremist Day 1,226, 14:45

Okay you might get my endorsement 🙂

Deniz Kabus
Deniz Kabus Day 1,226, 17:37

oh no

Pizza The Hut
Pizza The Hut Day 1,226, 19:44

He told me himself he had to ask people to have foreign friends mass vote this article. Misleading fail.

orchel Day 1,227, 06:16

Good luck.

Jasper Signa
Jasper Signa Day 1,227, 11:01

Pffeiffer/ Arundel works hard, he has my vote even if we don't always agree.

Dishmcds Day 1,227, 14:41

Oh hey, Pizza making an oddly unrelated comment.

Quite hilarious to see a guy who used to post articles giving away free stuff for subs and votes complain about someone else getting friends to vote his article, right?

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Day 1,230, 17:47

Go Paul Go!

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