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Day 1,840, 15:26 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Israel by Newellington

The Newellington Herald is now up to six subscribers. As meager a number as this is, I would like to thank these six noble unnamed people for joining the Revolution. They will be part of the reason why Macedonia will emerge victorious from the ashes that are Sofia and Thrace, and all Macedonians will rise as one in the fight against warfare.

My utmost appreciation goes out to all of you. If you think you deserve this appreciation, subscribe to the Herald and join the Revolution. If you couldn't care less, than we didn't want you here anyway. Either way, though, it is the opinion of the Herald that all people who read articles should comment on them. The Revolution is meant to spark new ideas out of its viewers, and it is the opinion of the Herald that people should share these ideas in 500 characters or less. That's what the comment bar is for.




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