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My team..moja ekipa..Моя команда!

Day 1,804, 23:10 Published in Ireland Ireland by Uljanov

Well I want to write something in this cold early in the morning but what?

I do not have much experience in politics, military organizations or theft in eIreland and i'll find another topic.

Here, the topic may not be the most interesting, but i'll write something about my airsoft team / organization.

Airsoft is not an expensive sport but we're fans of the Russian army and the Russian special forces and use only equipment designed and produced in Russia so the bill is bound to go up.

Thematically oriented to VV MVD (Vnutrennie Army ministries vnutrennih del / internal troops of the Ministry of Interior), anti-terrorist units of the 604th Center for Special Operations (604 TsSN VV MVD RF).

Enough stories, pictures!

That's all for now.

Thank you all!

Eto želim napisati nešto u ove hladne rane jutarnje sate a što?

Trenutno nemam previše iskustva u politici i vojnim organizacijama ili krađi u eIrskoj pa nađem drugu temu.

Evo, možda ne najpametnija tema, ali napišem nešto o svom Airsoft timu / udruzi.

Airsoft nije skup sport ali mi smo zaljubljenici u Rusku vojsku i Ruske specijalne postrojbe i koristimo isključivo opremu napravljenu u Rusiji.

Tematski smo orijentirani prema VV MVD (Внутренние войска Министерства внутренних дел / Interna Vojska Ministarstva Unutarnjih Poslova), antiterorističke jednice 604. centra za specijalne operacije (604 TsSN VV MVD RF).

Dosta priče, slike!

To je to za sada.

Hvala vam svima!

Ну, я хочу, чтобы написать в этом холодном рано утром и что?

Я не слишком большой опыт в политике и военных организаций или кражи в eИрландии и найти другую тему.

Здесь вопрос не может быть умным, но написать что-то о вашем страйкбол команды / организации.

Страйкбол не дорогой вид спорта, но мы любители русской армии и русского спецназа и использовать только оборудование, разработанное в России.

Тематически ориентированный ВВ МВД (внутренних войск Министерства внутренних дел), антитеррористические подразделения из 604-м Центр специальных операций (604 ЦСН ВВ МВД РФ).

Хватит рассказов, фотографий!

Вот и все.



Absentee Day 1,805, 00:08

jadna ta cura : D

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,805, 00:22

No more British flag \o/

Bristel Akina
Bristel Akina Day 1,805, 01:39

Russians and Americans: We take our weapons seriously.


Uljanov Day 1,805, 02:55

Absentee Martina nas je napadala dugo vremena da ide s nama, iako nije česta na susretima dođe s vremena na vrjeme..😉

Actually we don't have "Americans"..all equipment, except guns, are made in Russia..but that will change soon..Izmash is going to produce Airsoft guns..\o/

Ian E Coleman
Ian E Coleman Day 1,805, 06:12

Lol, when I saw "my team" I thought you were running for Country president. I was very confused for a second or two.

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,805, 06:19


Uljanov Day 1,805, 09:32

Ian E you scared?..😃

Just was bored and needed to write something..🙂

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 1,806, 02:58

never played airsoft, hows it compare to paintball?

Uljanov Day 1,806, 04:22

It's based on honesty..ammo is made of bio degradable materials and you can hear ind feel them as they hit you but don't leave any colored mark..ammo is much more cheaper (4000 bb for 12-14 euros)..far more realistic and guns have a range from 40-50 meters to over a 100 meters..

But the reenacting a real army costs a lot equipment is 99% Russian army made and when you pay taxes and import fees it's a lot..

collinfigures Day 1,807, 07:34

wow. This looks like fun.

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