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My TCO experiences:TCO 9th The Hounds of Culann and its People

Day 1,252, 19:36 Published in Canada Ireland by binksy

First up is :The 9th Hounds of Culann

Roster :Captain - Caladbolg
Lt - MoonBeam
Sgt - Eric Last

Cpl - Marcus Suridius
Cpl - Yddub Emwolb
Cpl - H. S. Thompson
Cpl - [Slot to be held]<any Irish interested ?
Cpl - Taleisen
Cpl - Nogin The Nog
Cpl - Rollo Tommasi

Captain Caladblog

Currently being stalked by Sgt Eric Last but the less said about that the better.
Great to fight with and pure Decent in general.
Dont know that much about him to be honest even tho weve been around for a while but will be changing that.

"Caladbolg but here is my real comment: It’s great to be a part of TCO and especially the 9th. We have a great group of people and I feel privileged to be able to lead them into battle, if only for a short while. I wish the best of luck to the newly formed 10th and can’t wait to fight with them at my side."

Lt Moonbeam

One of my older friends here going back a year or so , great politician and a great soldier.
Always a big part or the community just be nice to her 😛 trust me.

" I was happy in eIreland, but Einberliner convinced me to come and join her in TCO for a bit. I have been here ever since. It is a lot of fun and it is going to be great fighting alongside the 10th and seeing who gets the highest influence in a battle.
We have a great team in the 9th, and I am sure we will out hit the 10th in every battle but it will be fun to watch them try and catch us!"

Lt.Moonbeam was shoot repeatedly in a training accident shortly after this Interview

Sgt Eric Last

Maker of All things Avatar 🙂 and general all round Great guy.
Always willing to help and FOR FREE .
when i first met him on Donuts orders and asked for an avatar i asked the price ans was laughed at.
The guys insane.

"Well, really the only thing I can think to say is that, along with being good soldiers (with a few like Yddub being really amazing) in-game, they're all great people, and it really shows on the forums and IRC. Being a part of TCO, and specifically the 9th, makes playing the game ten times more enjoyable (if not way more than that.)"

Cpl Marcus Suridius

So far the quiet one of the group but none the less he is no less qualified than Moonbeam seeing as he is currently leader of the IA and CP of Ireland.
Hes a good gut and a good laugh generaly .

Cpl Yddub Emwolb
The Destroyer

Well hat can i say,hes an animal on the battlefield and if it wasent for Donut and Moon we would never be able to re chain him after setting him loose on the brits

"Joining the TCO and becoming a member of 9th Legion, the Hounds of Cullan is some of the best fun I've had in eRepublik. This band of eIrish expatriates includes some of the best soldiers and people eIreland has to offer. Serving under Captain Caladbolg, a V1 legend, has been an honor. It has also been our pleasure to watch over Captain Einberliner and her weaker, all eIrish group the 10th Legion. The 9th is putting up some of the highest damage totals in the TCO and I'm sure the 10th will soon be second best."

Cpl H.S.Thompson

Very capable solider and a very genuine guy, generally helpful and constructive except THAT NIGHT .

(Insert your name here (IT COULD BE YOU ! (YES YOU !!))) 😛

Cpl Taleisen

Havent had much chance to talk to and get to know this girl yet but i hear alot of good things.
One to watch for sure 🙂 .

Cpl Noggin The Nog

This girl is an economic force of nature with a tongue like a whip haha.
Always fun to have around provide you know when to run, And a top notch soldier and even politician who is always there to help 🙂

Cpl Rollo Tomasi
Not that Rollo

A name i havent seen in a long time but he has been here there and everywhere, draw your own conclusions 😛.
Always the fine solider i look forward to alot of fighting with him around the eWorld.

And that is Pretty much the People of the 9th Hounds of Culann
People who are part and parcle of a force Recognised around the eGlobe

sign up today and join them on the frontlines

I look forward to fighting with you
Cpl Binksy
TCO solider
10th Legion



crisfire Day 1,252, 19:40

o7 9th

07 binksy

MoonBeam Day 1,252, 19:47

o7 9th
Great work binksy!
You can find me in my tank on the battlefield recovering from my injuries!

Janos Leinport
Janos Leinport Day 1,252, 20:31

New legion and kicking tails already! I think this legion has the highest BH/day rate of any MU in the world.


TemujinBC Day 1,252, 20:37

Pretty much the end of TCO, right here. We're doomed with this bunch of losers in the limelight.


Kevin Cooper
Kevin Cooper Day 1,252, 20:37


Guagature Day 1,252, 21:07

o7 to the 9th

indielfi Day 1,252, 21:47


caladbolg Day 1,252, 22:01

Great article Binksy! And Tem we will destroy you and leave the rest of TCO untouched.

edfluff Day 1,253, 00:56

Good crew, i want in 🙂

Yddub Emwolb
Yddub Emwolb Day 1,253, 05:48

"Havent had much chance to talk to and get to know this guy yet but i hear alot of good things."

Yeah, he's a pretty good guy, except Taleisin is a she actually.

binksy Day 1,253, 05:52

ah crap haha

sorry taleisin

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 1,253, 06:10

Nogin the Nog:
"This girl is an economic force of nature with a tongue like a whip"

True and True! lol

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,253, 06:26


binksy Day 1,253, 06:30

Grainne !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


caladbolg Day 1,253, 06:35

Grainne! We demand you join us in TCO!

binksy Day 1,253, 06:36

motion carried

binksy Day 1,253, 06:39

you do in your $£^$£!


castaneda Day 1,253, 06:53

Thats a group and a half : )

taleisen Day 1,253, 07:22

Thanks Yddub, and no problem Binksy. I thought it was kind of funny actually. Great article!

binksy Day 1,253, 07:38

cas care to join ?

H.S Thompson
H.S Thompson Day 1,253, 09:27

Hehe, nice one Binksy!
But what night are you talking about?? There've been so many!

einberliner Day 1,253, 14:10

[Knows someone who has been talking to Grainne on email 😇]

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