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Day 2,076, 11:04 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by erep Leaks UK

It seems that a few UK members have not taken too kindly to what I am doing. I have been called a multi and a dodgy player so therefore I thought I would tell my story and clear things up.

I am an ex member of eRepublik, I quit and had my account deleted because I was fed up with the game. However I decided to join back as I did not have much to do and I found out a few of my friends had started playing the game also. But one thing I found when I previously played was the large amount of secrecy between parties and the government. Therefore when I joined I wanted to stir things up a little, and so I created this account.

I am not a "multi" or a "dodgy player", this is my only account. And the amount of respect given to me so far, as a new player, is terrible. Although I do not blame them. I guess some players simply wish to attack me as they do not like the idea of freedom of information, which makes me wonder why.

Anyhow I would like to add, if you have any information you would like to share but don't want people to know you're the one that leaked it, feel free to contact me. Once I reach 50 strength I will also start paying for any information given to me.

Note: I would like to know what you think about this idea. Although, even if you despise it and me, I shall be continuing.



ePocalypse Day 2,076, 11:30

A "doggy player"? lmao

erep Leaks UK
erep Leaks UK Day 2,076, 11:35

Opps lol, fixed it.

Bohemond4 Day 2,076, 17:39

I worry about your name and lack of avatar, there have been too may multis with links to various parties causing problems for the eUK...if what you say is true, I apologise.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,077, 01:19

Vault Guy being the last to do this with his fake Big Ant account.

Aultman Day 2,076, 23:54

Get an avi and people would be less likely to jump to assumptions.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,077, 01:19

Do you mind me asking what the name of your previous account was?

jamesw Day 2,077, 04:21

If people know who you are, they may be less suspicious of your intentions. Of course, they may be incredibly suspicious too. Personally, I'm sceptical about what your real agenda is, until or unless I know who you are.

Mr Knee
Mr Knee Day 2,077, 05:04

Then again, since avatars are easily changed, then would an avatar make him any more or less creditable??

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,077, 12:28

hello vault guy

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