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My Second Attempt at Poetry

Day 1,840, 08:46 Published in USA USA by Stan Brown

Hey, thanks for reading this. I've been kinda depressed lately so these poems might Just dampen your view on life a bit. Please comment good or bad I really don't care at the moment. Its probably best I get on with it so here goes. 

An Enigma

What is Life?
A grain of sand on an endless beach?
Maybe it's just dust in the wind as was once said.
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.
Is that really what we're worth.
Can no one live forever?
Or is immortality reserved for the wicked.
Hitlers and Stalins that razed their names through history.
What is Death?
But a means to an end.
Should we fear it?
What's to fear, but the unknown?
Is the unknown really so terrible?
Or is it a wondrous climax to our monotonous lives?
In death isn't everything resolved?
All pain, worry, regret, and sin.
Wouldn't it be washed away?
Shouldn't it be washed away?

Or is life really just a speck of dust.
And death certainly just a means to an end.


Why are we here?
What reason is there?
To live?
That's the question not an answer.
Must we waste away on this planet?
Is there really such an objective to reach?
All our dreams, our aspirations,
Are nothing essentially.
Our lives end terminally.
With a pile of matter our lives end insurmountably.
All that's left rests in the ground,
Or burns to ashes.
And it's sometimes never found.
So our one legacy on his earth.
Is nothing but dust.




Stan Brown
Stan Brown Day 1,840, 08:46

First reserved for 42

Suelo Argentino
Suelo Argentino Day 1,840, 09:47


DariusReg Day 1,840, 09:57


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