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My point of view in the Kuruc

Day 1,740, 10:08 Published in Austria Mexico by Yhamilitz

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Before to say anything else. I want to say that I am going to join to the CoT mobile force. this is my decision and no one will change it. Maybe I will have not so much time for play but is enough time for make some Damage for the countries that I consider as friends.

First I am going to move to Bulgaria, then to a CoT small county, or stay there. I will explain this little movement.

I am going to be honest, Austria has became a lineal place where you always do the same thing. If someone invade our great country, we actually look as if we doesn't exist for the other countries. We celebrate our victories as anyone else. But, we look just as a Perfect Dictatorship just like in RL Mexico and RL Venezuela. the government say what is going to do, and is someone is against it, is considered as a rebellious person.

The people who is asking for Government Transparency, is ignored. Many people has told me to go to IRC. Well, I can't do it in the week (only weekends) and when I go, is always empty, or I say hi, and I am ignored.

This is actually why I am leaving the country, I became nothing more that nothing here. I am actually fighting following the orders but only because of the orders. I have not the Mexican Citizenship, but I look like an eMexican, I fought there (with supplies from them) I can opine something and my opinions are accepted by many people (mainly new players) and I even had been part of the cabinet of that country, considering that I should not be in their cabinet because I haven't the citizenship.

No, I am not comparing Austria, I am just describing that is happening, and we are having a silent death, some people even wonder if we are really a Country, or what apad_lehetnek says: Day by day eAustria is becoming a perfect eLichtenstein. A peaceful, serene little community, where there are still some issues, like old grudges between respectful citizens, who express their disapproval with furrowed brows and their tightly shut mouths.

Now the Kuruc. in the beginning, I hated them in the beginning especially for the way that they took the power. but I am going to be honest, they won my Respect, in my opinion they should have a place in Austria, they are the ones who are trying to move the country, yes, they have another nationalist ideas and culture. But what could happen without them?

Politically, Austria is trying to prevent a PTO from them, but accept it, without them, we will became a country without any political Interest, we will no care who became president, and we will not care anything from politics, except trying to get 5 Golds by the congress Medal.

Kuruc make to wake up this Austrian Interest in the Politics, or even in the Media wrote in another language, and without them we will became invisible to the world.

Maybe some people will dislike me for saying that but is the true. I still loves Austria and is very say that we fall in this way of eLife, it looks that we depend of PTO for be active in this country.

The death of Austria came when PrinceOfAustria died (or became inactive). When I was here in 2009, I had a lot of fun here, we was a smaller country, but very active. some nations was jealous for that, now they had nothing for be jealous of us.

Have a nice day


Vreath Day 1,740, 10:25

We are including the Kuruc into our cabinet, so we are working with them to improve Austria. Nothing against you, but before writing a political article you should get yourself informed and before complaining, ask the dialogue.

Nevertheless, good luck wherever you go - depends if you go. You have said you leave last few weeks and that every day x )

csiripapa Day 1,740, 12:30


stevest Day 1,740, 12:32


II. Jemby
II. Jemby Day 1,740, 13:09

yay, I'm being quoted 😮

Eddyinthenet Day 1,740, 15:50


Szittya Magog
Szittya Magog Day 1,740, 16:51

thx, good luck

Tarsolytestver Day 1,741, 14:39

True words, respect!

Sepp Forcher
Sepp Forcher Day 1,741, 17:31

Por desgracia es todo verdad lo que dijiste. Si no fuera por ser austriaco y haber creado un personaje con ese papel ya me hubiera ido también... la pasividad e ignorancia aquí es dificil de aguantar a veces pero aún espero poder cambiar eso - algunas cosas necesitan tiempo, no se pueden forzar cambios fundamentales dentro de unos días 😉
De todas maneras suerte en Bulgaria y en lo que planeas y sobre todo en tus estudios 🙂

hippie007 Day 1,742, 03:04

eAustria is like RL Österreich, where is the Problem.
It's sad but it's true.

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