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My Papers New Mission Statement

Day 1,253, 15:37 Published in Canada Ireland by binksy

I have decided that for the time being this paper will act as a War journal

In which i will continue to post updates on the Irish Legions

Hopefully interviews with new recruits and old timers alike

I will also hope to include specific interviews with our own personal one man army Yddub the Destroyer

If those interviews go well i will hope to expand that program as i was never that good with interviews 🙂

Also i might look into giving some damage totals for both legions and there individual members every now and then well see what happens

Any and all suggestions are welcome from all

All the best
Cpl binksy



raoulito Day 1,253, 15:47

V and Sub

unacceptable behaviour , HUMILIATE those FASCISTS

Janos Leinport
Janos Leinport Day 1,253, 22:19

Looking forward to reading your chronicle, binksy. o7

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,254, 04:40

War journals thats the stuff Binksy.

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