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My opinion regarding the sovereignty issue

Day 1,749, 05:40 Published in USA Portugal by CryingLightning

Hey fellow Americans
First I would like to start by saying that this past months in your country have being awesome, not for the bonus because sincerely I don't care, but for the friends I am making here

I am here to talk about the sovereignty issue
I came from a country that a few months ago was facing the exact same problem

And you ask how did we handle the situation?
First we had several leaders, working in only one objective
Contacting everyone to get blockers, sometimes for other parties, not his.
Second we had a country president that everyone listened.
I am not saying that our CP is bad, neither Glove was bad,or the candidates for CP are bad.
The portuguese CP's were good because we only had 2 CP's for 9 months (Lucifel for 4 months and Justino Figueiredo for 5 months (current SC of EDEN) - I used to called them Vladimir Putin and Dimitri Medvedev) and they were like twins with almost the same team along 9 months. Because 1 month isn't long enough to solve the situation, the next CP should continue with the same line of action regarding immigration

Now talking about losing regions
Chucky said in here that it wouldn't make any difference.
I disagree with him.

If we lose our weapons bonus to 60% a lot of foreigners that are here would gone
So the PTO'ers would not have so much leeway because they would not have so much non Americans to support their actions.

Of course that would have a major impact on every MU's and on damage outcome.
But I would rather lose all my supplies instead of my country.
Private MU's would certainly have an huge loss on supplies, and a lot of players would move to state MU's.
In order to avoid that government could support private MU's to help balance the level between them.

-We need to follow the same line of action regarding immigration for more than one month.
-If we lose bonus people will start to leave making those PTO'ers to lose voters
-If that happens state MU's funding would have to be revised until things get back to normal and private MU's could receive a little help, after all we have a lot of money!

Sacrifices have to be made people
Time to save America

Best Regards
The Indie Man

This article was made listening to the greatest musician of all time Bob Dylan and one of the greatest Tom Waits



vvaz Day 1,749, 06:22

I agree. Voted

pop George
pop George Day 1,749, 08:06

v + s

Scourge Prime
Scourge Prime Day 1,749, 09:38


Gunnar Posey
Gunnar Posey Day 1,749, 09:40

so to counter the PTOs efforts to disrupt our country we allow the PTOer's to disrupt our country. BRILLIANT.

Gunnar Posey
Gunnar Posey Day 1,749, 09:40


CryingLightning Day 1,749, 10:22

gunnar, if the lose bonus tehy will lose votes from those taht don't care
and then if we block them for 2/3 months they will leave the country!

CryingLightning Day 1,749, 10:22

unless they are retarded

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,749, 10:29


Orzhov Day 1,750, 02:32


Civil  Anarchy
Civil Anarchy Day 1,750, 08:16

It's the hard decision, but it's the right one.

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