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My letter to the World

Day 1,844, 07:57 Published in Belgium United Kingdom by Kiyonori Dragnier

Dear world,

I made this newspaper to help me at sharing my thoughts and express my feelings about what’s happening around me in the new world.

I don’t expect this to be read by people and I hope people won’t expect too much from this newspaper but if someone would like to read what does a eBelgian citizen think, then this person is welcome.

This newspaper is more a diary for me and I will share it with you, the world. I’m sorry about the mistakes I made in this article, I’m not a native English speaker but I will do my best to make it easier to read.

Let’s start the first article with a presentation of myself and my story here in eRepublik.

My name is Kiyonori Dragnier, i’m a proud eBelgian citizen, everything started in Dec 22, 2011 when I joined the new world, first I was lost among the people, it took long before I tried to join the national forum.

I made my presentation, but I was more reading than writing posts, yes, I’m used to watch things around me without trying to interfere. Even if I wasn’t “active” on the forums and on the in-game shouts, I was reading a lot of articles about the people here, what was happening inside and outside of eBelgium as well.

After some months I decided to become more active in military, I joined BNA after some talk with the former commander, Tecuvo. I was very interested in the war module, and quickly I wanted to become a GoW like some some people, a soldier who could protect his eCountry.

Quickly I focused on training and tried to fight as much as I can. The more I’ll fight the quicker I would become stronger.

Later, a lot of things happened, some eBelgians left the country because of internal conflicts and the bad mood among the community, they were important for eBelgium, I was sad to see these very nice people leaving us after all they did. I’m not angry at all, I can understand why they did that and I hope one day they will give a second chance to the community.

Tecuvo left eBelgium and BNA as well, there was a lot of talks with him and people who could take care of BNA, finally, BrunoCND was chosen as our new commander, I became the second commander of BNA as well.

I never thought one day I could become a second commander, I was surprised about how fast things were happening around me and I wasn’t aware something else will happen after that...

I tried to be active on IRC as well, I tried to speak with some people, I also said to some of them how sad I was about the departure of some eBelgians, I had talks with NLSP about my desire to help eBelgium but that I was only useful as a soldier in BNA.

One day, right after CP elections I was contacted by NLSP who became CP for eBelgium and I was surprised by what he said to me. He wanted me to become an Immigration Officer for eBelgium. I was hesitating since I had no experience and he told me that it was because I wanted to help eBelgium and give a try in politics. I have to say that he helped me a lot and without him I would never be able to meet the people I know at the moment.

One month later my term was over but the new elected CP, Lily Jayne Summers asked me if I would like to become an Immigration Officer again, I happily accepted. It was my chance to continue helping eBelgium, well for some people taking care of Immigration isn’t something great but for me it was important.

Today, I am for the third consecutive month an Immigration Officer for eBelgium, I’m very proud to have meet these people and made friends in eBE community, I will do my best to serve eBelgium and continue my training to become a GoW as well.

I wanted this first article to talk about my story here in eRepublik, it’s a way for me to make my presentation here, some people knows how shy I am and this time I dare to say something in front of many people instead of staying outside watching around without trying to interfere.

I know I didn’t speak about every eCitizens I met and helped me but they know who they are and I want to say thank you to them.

Don’t worry I won’t make a whole story in every articles. As I said previously I want this newspaper to become a way for me to express my thoughts and give a message to everyone when I feel it necessary.

I would be happy if someone could give me good advices for my newspaper, I never tried to write something, and I don't know anything about BBCODE so it’s very far to be complete and nice to read.

Kiyonori Dragnier


Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,844, 08:15

First subscriber!

Duke of Flanders
Duke of Flanders Day 1,844, 08:27

damn, 2nd 🙂

NLSP Day 1,844, 08:35

you took the chances that were offered to you and became the example that everyone that is constructive and willing to help and work for eBe can get responsibility here.
I'm looking forward to read more articles from you!
good luck!

Cotarius Day 1,844, 08:45

I'm very proud how active you are and mean for the Belgium society.
Also your positive look makes it good.

Keep on going.

BrunoCND Day 1,844, 08:57

Hail Kiyonori!!!!!!!!


Just one correction i don't consider you as 2nd Commander but as co-Commander.

Gyantse Day 1,844, 09:18

Good luck ;😉)

Chihiroh Day 1,844, 10:41

Well done 😉

Rexdeus Day 1,844, 11:20


Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,844, 11:45

I suscribe NOW ! You put emotion in my heart...

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,844, 15:37

Good luck with your goal to become GoW
You have still a bit to go 😉

MaryamQ Day 1,845, 23:26

You have shown yourself willing and able to set goals and reach them and you have become a real asset to the eBelgian community. I know you will go far!

Olv007 Day 1,845, 11:44

Very nice story to read!

Kiyonori Dragnier
Kiyonori Dragnier Day 1,845, 12:19

Thank you for your comments everyone, I will continue to do my best for those who are counting on me.

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