My last article in this game. Have fun all.

Day 2,656, 19:02 Published in Belgium Belgium by Ely.nea

I started the game in 2009, i liked this game for the community.

I helped so a lot of new players, i can't say how much, but they gave me a lot of pleasure in this game.
I will not make a list of all players i will miss here.

I can't blame admins who introduced new challenges in the game, but today i saw so a lot of shouts or articles with moqueries, my place in not in this kind of eworld. I can't accept haters.

Maybe in this moment, you have adrenaline, you are happy with all changes, it's temporary guys.
We will see in one month. The chaos is coming, and all things in the past will be destroyed.
New players will not stay or we will see just multies or reroll.

I miss mercenaries like we saw in the past, a big player with a good army can put troubles in RW of his enemy (no need to be dictator for that).

Now the military unity is useless; everyone is leaving to go in another one to make their trip of dictator or democracy. I'm smiling, because The democracy has never existed on this game (multies are already worst dictators in silent in the game), and all was based on votes here.

I thought i could accept all things but this : Actions in Switzerland pushed me to see the truth.

One day, several gamers with a good str and money can destroy the work of a lot of persons who made for their country.

Several new laws can be funny, but i can't accept to see little countries ruined. It's inequitable.

I thought i would delete my account, but my newspaper is my memory of good times.
A newspaper it's a part of you of your personality.

I know it's time for me to close this newspaper, because i have just negative things to say. It's time to go then.
I made this music in the eworld to wake up the community. It was my last pleasure. No regrets. I liked all persons i met in the game இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ—

Take care about you, and don't be haters please, the new rule can push you to be in the futur. Thanks to all players who take care about the community and who are not just here to fight.

I will go on irc to say hello (i will try) to keep contact with my community and efrance (who never left my heart), for eBelgium, maybe it's a little country, but we have the honor in the heart, eBelgian's i love you.
Don't forget to put a new president of party on the next elections.

Maybe you don't know but in one side or the other (dark side 😁), we were in the unity, with quarels like an old couple. Don't forget that !

For Alexander161 who takes care every day about me :
This picture is a summary, you are my protector, my best friend... my angel ...

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