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My interview with Ronald Gipper Reagan & Finally a citizen!

Day 1,885, 15:25 Published in USA USA by Christopher Alofonzo

I would like to thank the entire IES staff for finally accepting my citizenship request and making my paper an American newspaper! With that being said I would like to introduce the point of my paper; The Peoples' Paper is a newspaper that interviews the most prominent political and social eRepublik figures and keeps all of you up to date on the political issues of the eWorld. I am also the Host and Founder of the G16 Global Leaders Conference. With all of this being said I would like to introduce my first American article. My interview with Ronald Gipper Reagan the former AFA party president.

Let me take this time to say thank you Mr. Reagan for the interview.

Q1:Did you ever imagine to overtake the USWP? Formely the largest party in eUSA and be the president of it?
Yes, months ago.

Q2: Do you feel your vice president was a good choice?
Yes, he is very experienced and is a competent leader.

Q3: How do you plan to further increase your party?
By trying to attract people who realizes the elitists are liars and by immigration of friendly folks.

Q4: Do you believe that your party will always be the largest one?.
Yes. Until the servers get shut down.

Q5: Are you going to take your ambitions to become the president or a cabinet member?
President, but I would serve in a Cabinet in a friendly Administration.

Q6: Some say that the Secretary of Education is a very controversial choice and he's not the one for the job, do you agree?
Why would he be controversial? He is the least confrontational leader in our party.

Q7: Some might also say that you have not done much to bring your party to where it is today. Do you agree?
lol, no clue where you get your info from.

You have just heard it from Ronald Gipper Reagan former AFA president.

Thank you for reading, Vote and Sub!
Christopher Alofonzo
Press Director of The Peoples' Paper and Host of the annual G16 Global Leaders' Conference



pop George
pop George Day 1,885, 15:59

good luck w/ your paper 1st subber

"elitists are liars" funny that Ajay is both

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,885, 16:55

^ I am a rebel elitist? lol.

Actually, our party advances its members based on merit, nothing else.

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 1,887, 07:19

^ Which is why RGR has been banned, what, five times for multies...

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Day 1,887, 08:21

Christopher, you now owe me 10 cc for wasting my time reading this crap.

Arrden Day 1,887, 09:06

This interview sucked.
1 sentence answers.

Marvin Hagler
Marvin Hagler Day 1,887, 09:51

Short sentences are long enough for me wouldn't wanna here a whole lot more.
Pointless Interview, Pointless Answer's and a pointless person.

Guy89 Day 1,887, 10:20

This is a terrible interview with a terrible person.

Jasher Day 1,887, 18:52

sounded like a interview with rgr interviewing himself... loads of bs

Winter Night
Winter Night Day 1,888, 15:11

Good to see this interview. The elitists want to keep those they label their enemies quiet, it's good that all they can do in this case is resort to personal insults in the comment section.

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