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My Impression So Far Of Congress, And How To Better South Africa

Day 1,836, 23:27 Published in South Africa South Africa by Lord Elrond Hubbard

So, 2 days into my 1st term in Congress and the 1st thing i see is a petty argument over whether or not the Turks are destroying our country. So i asked WastelandENT to explain the tension to me. And oh boy was i surprised at the amount of ridiculousness that was going on. So here's my idea:


C'mon the Turks are not here to destroy our country, their not here to take over everything, as far as I've seen they have been upstanding citizens. Sure, you may have had legitimate grievance over it before, but now it's just being used as a political ploy. If we want our country to move forward we need to put aside petty differences and come to agreements, otherwise you'll be destroying the country you claim to be protecting.


Kidding, lol

Look i know to you others have been fairly insulting, but that's no excuse to insult right back. Be the bigger men, if you don't pay credence to the insults, than the insults will stop. You guys say you are here to help the country, if that's true turn the other cheek and forgive those who have insulted you.

Everyone: All i ask is that we attempt to get along and make a better eSociety where all opinions are addressed and all grievances are solved and where fact and evidence rule how we make decisions. If we are to become a great country this is necessary. It may not work, but we have to try, because even if it only lives for awhile it will still have lived. We have to compromise, and that won't happen if there is a little ethnic conflict going on. That's just my two cents. Thank you for reading.

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" -Spock



Al Kazar
Al Kazar Day 1,836, 23:45

Why do we have so-called Turks in eSA in the first place - we should all be eSouth African at heart no matter our ethnic origin. Neither we nor they should define a certain group of SA citizens as Turks (or any other nationality). If you are a SA citizen in eRepublik then that is what should define you, not where you come from.

Let's put aside such petty differences (from both sides) and work together as one for the benefit of all eSA. We are all eSouth Africans after all.

Lord Elrond Hubbard
Lord Elrond Hubbard Day 1,836, 23:51

Well said, Al.

Rico Suave
Rico Suave Day 1,836, 00:55

This is eSA in a nutshell.
This latest argument was not petty but people somehow panic as soon as discussions go heated.
This panic results in an irrational desire to smooth things over as soon as possible, preferably before the issue is resolved. This behaviour is counter productive in my opinion.

No argument is going to tear this country apart, if that were even possible it would have happened years ago.

Badger06 Day 1,836, 01:16

I agree with Rico the thread should never have been locked and deleted. Those that were being abusive towards one another should have been restricted , now the issue is locked away and unresolved. We cant make everyone happy and trying to appease everyone and not step on anyone's toes is starting to irk me somewhat.

Neptun did something wrong so now he must face the music, but he hasn't even bothered to respond instead we get messenger pigeon Leon.

Lord Elrond Hubbard
Lord Elrond Hubbard Day 1,836, 01:22

All i'm saying is that people need to start cutting through the crap and get down to facts of things. Because i'll tell you something, when someone like me comes from a different country to here, and this is one of the 1st things they see, it doesn't exactly attract people to your country.

Wilpanzer Day 1,836, 01:48

Well essentially this is more psychological than we think. A man named Solomon Asch did some experiments testing how individuals act in a group. He planted 5 fake subjects and 1 real subject in the same room where everyone had to say an answer out loud. The 5 were obviously given the wrong answer to the question and it tested whether the 1 real subject would sacrifice his own judgement and stick with the group, or if he would stand his man.

Wilpanzer Day 1,836, 01:51

The thing is, they found that the subjects weren't pressured by the number of the fake subjects, but their unanimity. Naturally, if you 2 guys are more unified than 10 independent people, the 10 will panic. That's when we automatically perceive something as a threat. You think you're threatened by the numbers, but why do we let so many eAmericans etc. in? It's because they don't unify once they're here. They assimilate into the main social structure. The Turks however have an intricate...

Wilpanzer Day 1,836, 01:53

social system where everyone stands up for everyone. Typically, like when Locutus was up for censure that one time, a few independent guys like myself came up and tried to defend him in our own way. The Turks however will stand together, not in numbers, but in a solidarity. A to say that they don't just agree, but they will all take up the same argument to make their voice louder. That is what threatens the very core of eSA. We are in disunity and we give ourselves too much independence.

Wilpanzer Day 1,836, 01:55

It's not necessary to stand behind one man, but it's always good to stand behind one idea. And not only in times of danger, but overall when our numbers are so small...unity is the best cure and will change how we think of outsiders a lot. If our principles are safely embedded within our numbers and united stance, we need not fear outsiders so much. But as we've established before, it's almost impossible to pull off.

WastelandENT Day 1,836, 02:05

Again, the thread was not locked because you guys were arguing or fighting. The thread was locked because it was extremely off topic. Had you guys been fighting over the illegal CS then I would not have locked it. Instead people were just going back and forth insulting each other which was not the point of the thread.

Also, good article! Voted!

Ejdatful Day 1,836, 03:53

We are proud to be an eSouth African. So you don't have to call us Turks.

Don Vin
Don Vin Day 1,836, 10:47

woow will thts a large wall of text

Lord Elrond Hubbard
Lord Elrond Hubbard Day 1,836, 12:46

@Ejdatful Well i usually wouldn't, but i had to to make a distinction.

atrawall Day 1,837, 09:04

They can be referred to as the "Desert Lions"and get the same point across.

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