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My Goodbye

Day 1,895, 09:03 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by James Scarlet

My Dearest Friends at New Era and PCP,

It is with a heavy heart that I must resign my title of Councillor and leave the New Era Organization.

Six hours ago I commented on an article by Ullok saying, correctly, that the Legion, the national MU, has no ties to ESO. Then a mudslinger by the name of Don Dapper, who has never been in the Legion in his life, starts mudslinging.
He screamed and whined and pouted like a little girl, all because he wanted to stir up trouble. He claims that the Legion is still under ESO control, despite about thirty Legion members saying differently. It got to the point where Carlini, the Legion commander, actually explained the entire history of the Legion and all the inner workings to imbecilic Dapper.

My comment read:

Then Carlini backed me up:

Then I turned off my computer and took a nap.

When I awoke six hours later, I was surprised to find this waiting for me in my inbox:

("The new avatar" he refers to is my Legion avatar.)

So apparently I am a 'turncoat' for defending my MU. Apparently I always was, despite being a faithful NE member for four months; serving three times as a Congressman, running for PP twice, and being current Councillor.

So I will take Don's advice and leave my beloved party. I have already asked for a Legion avatar and am packing my bags for ESO or UKRP. I have a little Last Will and Testament to my friends here.

To Klurr and Hugh: You guys were my favorites and brilliant with articles. Keep helping the newer guys! I hope we run into each other again.

To William Ross and p00kachu: My new friends in Congress! Keep up the work, guys. Don't let anyone discourage you and always speak your mind. Keep close to Hugh and Klurr, they are great people.

To Don: You were the one who originally recruited me to NE. Joining NE was the best mistake I have ever made. Thanks for the Congress Medals! (I would learn to hold my tongue if I were you.)

To Everyone Else: Thank you and good luck.

Best Regards,
James Scarlet, Legionnaire Captain




Saiwun Day 1,895, 09:05

Voted! Good luck!

Horatio I
Horatio I Day 1,895, 09:08

Once again dreadful behaviour from Dapper.

GameChanger Day 1,895, 09:09

There are some great people in NE. You. We're one of them. It's a shame that you. Are shunned for telling the truth, and I hope you. Can find our calling in another party.

Voted and shouted.

wigibob Day 1,895, 09:12

good luck in your future, we will all miss you at New Era

Ziltoid16 Day 1,895, 09:12

Legion>Politics. o7

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,895, 09:13

You was never New Era .No i was talking about the New Era avatar you should take off , each vote you acted against the party , you didnt have much good to say and it was only time you true colors shine though , glad this has happened . you was a enemy within no doubt just waiting to make your move!

Madacaion Day 1,895, 09:20

Don - your saying that anyone who has joined your party, but actually speaks their mind and chooses freely which MU they want to be in is a trator to a New Era?

I'm just thankful that you've only chased him away from your party and not from the game - the eUK can't afford to lose more new players due to conspiracy theories, power grabbing individuals and backroom deals.

You best watch your step Mr Dapper - or you may turn into the monster you fought.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,895, 09:21

I've said Don was in charge of NE before, via his control of the NE MU. I guess orders to remove a NE avatar for supporting the Legion MU is some of the evidence I wasn't able to produce last time.

It's a great thing that we have Legion to allow people to get the supplies they want without having to obey those who can afford to supply them.

Alphabethis Day 1,895, 09:21

Don iS too hot blooded, and with strong opinions, he is not always right but he is not far from the truth, this time is farther than usual. Good luck, ESO is a great party, specially when beta is elsewhere.

Carlini8 Day 1,895, 09:22

Pretty standard:

[17:20:04] dondapper [] has set mode +b *!~Carlini@*
[17:20:04] You have been kicked from #newera by dondapper []: Carlini

Enjoy your new avatar 😃

Aces man
Aces man Day 1,895, 09:24

Legion does have strong links 2 ESO....ofc it does it was the ESO legion.....

Elle Roslin
Elle Roslin Day 1,895, 09:28

It's too bad that you were expected to pass some sort of purity test. You have always been a thoughtful and kind member of Legion and I hope that you can continue to find ways to enjoy the game - the UK needs players like you James!

Alphabethis Day 1,895, 09:28

And , yes , scarlet was too independent, or precisely with ESO-TUP-UKRP IDEAS. Anyway i dont like monolythic parties, i want people who think differently.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,895, 09:30

ESO haven't got their own MU, so naturally most of them have ended up in the apolitical one. They only account for about 30% of members now, and the feed is politically neutral so it shouldn't really be an issue.

Anthony Violet
Anthony Violet Day 1,895, 09:35

I just left New Era and the British Army.

Horatio I
Horatio I Day 1,895, 09:35


Claire Louise
Claire Louise Day 1,895, 09:36

Genuine shame to see you go bud, not good that its come down to this. Hope you have fun at ESO!

Zaphod Beeblebrox IV
Zaphod Beeblebrox IV Day 1,895, 09:36

Disappointing to see you've had to leave like that. I'm sure ESO will give you a great new home, but if they don't you can always join your comrades at PCP. :'P

All the best.

jamesw Day 1,895, 09:38

The circumstances of you joining us are a shame, but HE's loss is our gain I suppose! Welcome!

Horice G Fossil
Horice G Fossil Day 1,895, 09:39

James always remember 'IT'S JUST A GAME!'
some people around here seem to have forgotten.

Horice (:

Alphabethis Day 1,895, 09:44

What? This is not a game!

jamesw Day 1,895, 09:45

HE should be NE! Damned phone. I think don needs to sort this out, and change how he acts, he has now acted this way to members of every party in the UK - even his own!

James Scarlet
James Scarlet Day 1,895, 09:45

Horice, I try to remember.

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,895, 09:46

I don't think you were a very good fit for NE, you tended to not agree with us on most things

We do encourage people to disagree but it gets to a point where you disagree on SO MUCH that you should really be in a party that broadly belives the same stuff that you do.

Don is mad because everywhere he looks you are supporting other people against him, nothing wrong with that but in the same party you should back each other up most of the time. If you can't find a single thing to help us with then yeah you should be in a different party sadly.

Don has no power in NE by the way. He isn't PP or Congressman.

alexg737 Day 1,895, 09:47

Got to love Dapper's way with words. Fair play to him he is true to his heart.

No offense James but you probably aren't helping with the stereotypes in this Legion argument by joining ESO.

James Scarlet
James Scarlet Day 1,895, 09:47

Goku, I disagreed on taxes, that was pretty much it.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,895, 09:47

Don isn't in NE but James has to agree with him?

James Scarlet
James Scarlet Day 1,895, 09:48

@alex737, lol. I thought about that, but I wanted a more neutral party.

AdmiralNelson Day 1,895, 09:50

No offense James but you probably aren't helping with the stereotypes in this Legion argument by joining ESO. x2

prove don right much?

alexg737 Day 1,895, 09:50

Yeah I guess ESO are as middle of the road as eUK parties come so fair enough.

Carlini8 Day 1,895, 09:52

@"No offense James but you probably aren't helping with the stereotypes in this Legion argument by joining ESO."

I did think that as I read the article 😃

However, happy you are staying in The Legion and now won't be victimized by someone who can only be considered as a bully and trys to buy his own way. I see his followers drop by the day as they see how power hungry he is.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,895, 09:54

This is the Plan by ESO to damaged New Era name after there amazing result getting number 1 vote in congress , low tactics by a party trying to make a new name for themself's , you can try and bully me not to speak my mind but i wont stop speaking the truth no matter how you try and spin it !

jamesw is shouting this right now

jamesw wrote 12 minutes ago

Appalling stuff, there is no defence to this.

I will stand by my words

98% turnout ESO is link to the Legion - more proof James joins them lol

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,895, 09:55

No offense James but you probably aren't helping with the stereotypes in this Legion argument by joining ESO. x2

prove don right much?

Yeah I think does prove me right ! Thanks

jamesw Day 1,895, 09:57

I said its appalling because it is. To judge anyone because if what they think or the MU they are in is a joke. It is indefensible to suggest this is anything other than that.

jamesw Day 1,895, 09:59

Although the irony that this caused you to join ESO is certainly not lost on me! Don, perhaps you could message this to every legion member? Then ESO will be number 1 overnight! I joke, of course, however my point remains, this sort of treatment of anyone (let alone someone in your own party) is unacceptable.

Sexagenarian Day 1,895, 10:00

@Don Why should an ePolish citizen think that its OK to troll eUK political threads?

You do very little for the eUK so go troll in ePoland, I'm sure you'll get the reception there you deserve

Carlini8 Day 1,895, 10:02

^ Finally 😃

I am so glad to see someone else get called out for that instead of me 🙂

James Scarlet
James Scarlet Day 1,895, 10:04

^Finally x2

I lol'd

Ullok Day 1,895, 10:11

This is a sad state of affairs. Welcome to ESO, just wish it was under better circumstances. At least you stuck with the game.

@ Aces man
"Legion does have strong links 2 ESO....ofc it does it was the ESO legion....."

You got that backwards:
ESO has strong links to Legion, it gave birth to it, made it a unit that could do the job of a national MU better than the government's own and is only just now getting another MU of its own.

@ Goku
Perhaps you are right about this, whilst a contrary voice is neccersary he might find a party with a similar viewpoint a better fit. However the way this all went down is troubling.

Anotherlamedrunk Day 1,895, 10:15

Come to Canada, friend.

Horatio I
Horatio I Day 1,895, 10:21

I'm Legion, I voted TUP in Congress. So there's ya conspiracy theory up the wall!

BoatsandHoes Day 1,895, 10:43

As an active NE member I am not surprised by your moving on tbh, how and why this have come around is not for me to comment on the only thing I will say is that you often seemed to have a differing opinion of that of the majority of members within the party and so I guess it is a good idea for both you and the party that you leave and doesnt come as a surprise to me, in fact I am surprised this didnt happen sooner

Good luck in your new adventures!

Chaos297 Day 1,895, 10:47

I've read this whole thing and after that appalling argument with Don last night I'm not too surprised and the writing on the wall has dried and been added to since then and what it says isn't good and it goes both ways in that it hits both us and you Don so all of you calm down.

Those of you who are ESO remember that ESO isn't some Megaphone toting band of bureaucrats with ego's the size of the moon and that what we are is a group of Moderates.
As for you Don put your glasses on and read the words the you from January last year has written on the wall because he's basically describing what you have become and what he sees from the lot of us and it isn't a pretty picture and I really don't blame him for not liking what his future looks like.

As your friend Don I want to help you but as a Moderate I know you wont listen in your current state unless someone who can reach you snaps you out of this state of what ever it's called and am unhappy to say that I am not the one who can do it since when I tried you pretty much turned around and tried to take my head off hence last nights argument.

The real issue hear isn't whether James is a traitor or a patriot or whether Legion is Natural or not these are just the back drop for the stage on which the real performance is being carried out and that performance is basically a tale of a good man who didn't fit in and was driven out because of his differing way of thinking and too stronger will to be assimilated into something that wasn't something he could be a part of and believe it or not its something I've experienced first hand.

What has happened is a tragedy which should not have happened and right now we all need to stop putting our own agenda's first and focus on minimizing the damage to our individual organisations before they crumble due to the things going on in the back drop so no more bickering or its solitary confinement until you are ready to play nice.

Gav Miller
Gav Miller Day 1,895, 10:58


Trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls.

General Slim
General Slim Day 1,895, 11:08

Don is the British version of Ajay Bruno lol

Chaos297 Day 1,895, 11:14

hardgurl said the following in the first comment after mine and quickly deleted it.
Chaos297 very true words.

I don't know what his reasons for retracting are but I don't think anyone would like the answer.

hardgurl Day 1,895, 11:58

i liked the way you put your words together chaos297 that is why i commented. i deleted comment as i felt it was stupid to comment on something i know nothing about
sorry 🙂

Prof. J Moriarty
Prof. J Moriarty Day 1,895, 12:09

I voted ESO and I'm not even in Legion.


Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,895, 12:11

Wow. You take a few hours off to spank the monkey (I have a pet chimp that I beat regularly) as well as choke the chicken (I fancied home made southern fried chicken for dinner) and this happens...

Well firstly thank you for the kind words, I really do appreciate them.

Secondly, I hope you find what you are looking for at ESO

I honestly am speechless and don't know what to say. From highs to lows in such a short space of time

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