My Day 4000

Day 4,001, 21:28 Published in Russia Russia by Romper of Sibeira

Hello Guys,

I´m here today to tell you a little about my day 4.000 in erepublik.

Probably most of you were consufed about what to do in the halloween´s week.
In our TW group a lot of discussion about do epics and everything. So Tuesday we did epic i went to 20k prestigy points and thought in my mind ( ok now i have the best energy recover so lets wait day 4000 and see what it bring to us.

So i started day 4000 with my ranking 134 341 617 and XP 4 598 076 as per site

I will give you comments in my local time where day 4000 started 4:00 am(DC Erep time).

I woke up went to our chat and we decided to make epic d4.
We did it very fast and at 4:40 i took the screenshot about the first most contested division 4 battle.

At this time i was only thinking ok let´s hit and pass 1,2 legends and it will be great.

at 6:27 a passed to Legend XIII

9:43 Legend XIV

Friday was holiday in my country so i could play all day long without any issue( not so simple i had made a proposal to my wife " please let me play all day long and tomorrow i will clean up the house). So yeah i played all day long without any issue, 🙂

14:39 Legend XV

18:10 Legend XVI

22:17 Legend XVII

00:47 Legend XVIII

Some where here i slept in the chair for some minutes, when i just listened my wife " wake up and come to bed". but i couldnt i need one more ranking haha.
so at 03:33 Legend XIX

After this last rank up i had 4 849 409 exp points that means i passed 50 levels during day 4000.

Below you can see damage done on day 4000.

about weekly rewar😨

Congratulations! You were ranked #1 in last week's Weekly Challenge, and received 2000 Gold as reward!

I hope all of you enjoyed day 4000 as i did!!!

Have a good game
see you!