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My cabinet when I win the election !

Day 1,810, 11:24 Published in Norway Uruguay by taulen


Just a short article presenting my cabinet for my term as Country President when I win the election.

Country President : Myself
vice Country President : Divonex
Minister of Defence : bATRA
Minister of Finance : fredrikz
Minister of Immigration ; Shadowvoider
Minister of Foreign Affairs : Per Jostein

If the MoFA wants to continue having the "divisions" for EDEN, and Non-EDEN that will be up to the MoFA to decide and split the tasks.

MoF is of course going to fredrikz, he's doing great work there.

MoI have been doing great work also, and deserves to continue for another term in my opinion.

MoD is an interesting choice, I hope bATRA will be up for the task 😉 😉

vCP : Is in my opinion just a formal position, it's not something that will be "used" that often, but it will be nice to have a person I can trust doing the job when I'm not available.

And myself as CP is a pretty obvious choice since I'm the one going to be elected by the Norwegian people ! Thank you all for supporting and having my back !

Hopefully I will be able to retire after a month and still be able to keep my head high !


Norways next Country President



Kendo Yanar
Kendo Yanar Day 1,810, 11:34

good luck

taulen Day 1,810, 11:37

Thanks 🙂

Vileskont Day 1,810, 11:58

All the best 🙂

bATRA Day 1,810, 12:02

"interesting choice"? Lol xD

Ursidae Polar
Ursidae Polar Day 1,810, 12:04

hehe! Love the true personality in the article - supported!

T Cherub
T Cherub Day 1,810, 12:49

We might have to snuggle his beard in order to get him back on ground... if you overdo it taulen, people will blow your cover.... xD

Good luck!

Crazy Chick 1
Crazy Chick 1 Day 1,810, 12:58

han kommer til og vinne han blir støttet av tek og det partiet han er i.

Akashaton Day 1,810, 13:09

Lykke til!

Shadowvoider Day 1,810, 13:49

Hehe love that fact too see this before the election 😃

bATRA Day 1,810, 14:22

I should have runned against him just to try and prove him wrong xD

Che Kukaken
Che Kukaken Day 1,810, 14:47

A strong group indeed. Glad to see you want Shadowvoider to continue as MoI. It just proves that if you just want to do something for eNorway the way to the gov is short.

Shadowvoider Day 1,811, 02:56

@Che Kukaken
as lon as you're willing to help there's always a spot for you 🙂

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