My bid to change the AZP into the Green & Gold Party (GGP)

Day 722, 19:57 Published in Australia Croatia by CrowdedHouse

Good Afternoon Citizens of eAustralia.

For those who don't know, I recently sat down with new eAustralian Journalist Nomlah, and in an exclusive interview I announced my plans for reform of the Australian Zombie Party.
The article can be found HERE

My idea is to create a NEW Centre Positioned Party in eAustralia. GGP (Green & Gold Party).

Now critics of my idea will come out of the woodwork and point out that we already have a Centre Party... The True Blue Party.

As some of you may know, I use to be a member of the TBP... in fact I was campaign manager for the TBP during the October Congress.

Now I don't want to attack my old party, we certainly had some good times and I'll be ever thankful to Corny-Ratbag for introducing me to eAustralia Politics and hosting my podcast.

HOWEVER, in recent weeks there has been a lack of communication or direction in the TBP... the more I looked closely the more cracks I found.

Should I have put my hand up to reform the TBP? No, simply there was too many well know players in charge... as much as they are great for knowledge, they can be a road-block at the same time.

So, in a sense I've tried to take on a Paul Hamon move, and reform a small party. Now the way I would operate the party would be different then the way Paul runs the PaPP (not criticizing he's way, just i have different ideas) and there's going to be alot of hard work before the GGP becomes a force.

So what will the GGP (Green & Gold Party) do???

Well, the GGP's aim is to be similar to the Australian Democrats *Keep the bastard's honest* ideal.

My theory would be for a left leaning domestic policy and a right wing foreign policy.

Also, my aim for the party is to have members look after certain sections similar to "Shadow Government".

There's the possibility that the GGP might align with another party or Independents, to form an "Opposition" to keep the government honest and propose alternative policies.

You see, the current problem with the eAustralian Government system is, if you want experience looking after a certain section (Defense as an example), you have to become a member of cabinet. BUT what if you didn't agree with the PM's views?

That's the problem I faced... Cerri had offered me a dMoIF role, but I ended up declining because I didn't agree with a Cerri led Government. In fact I voted for Patti11 on Election Day.

The more I looked into it, the more I realized that WE ELECTED A POPULAR PERSON TO LEAD, INSTEAD OF THE RIGHT PERSON TO LEAD .

Have a look back at Cerri's run for PM platform HERE

Very little policy... in fact... as vague as PAUL HAMON!

Funny isn't it... that Paul Hamon and his PaPP is very vague on policy and gets attacked by all quarters, yet Cerri is equally as vague, but gets elected to lead this country!

Recently we have had a bill come forward in the Senate for an Australian Monarchy and Cerri to be listed as Queen... and to get a Q5 house!

For god's sake senators... we have a war coming up!!! We need to debate if the population is ready... we need to know what our alliance partners are going to do tactically... there are so much more important stuff... yet Senators brown-nose a PM that's so far is not producing the goods.

This recent article by Nomlah HERE who chats with the Indonesian President hints that we were talking about an NAP and buying back Indo Companies in WA... just days after the RW and within the shadows of the Malaysia WAR.... have we lost our minds! (Not to mention that the DoD is a mess!)

Back to the GGP...

The fast gain in Membership of the PaPP shows that the "two-clickers" of this nation are getting fed-up.. they want to be included they want change.

Well if people want change, but they don't want to join the PaPP (for whatever reason), that's what the GGP will be here for.

As we start from the ground up, ALL suggestions on how the party should operate and what roles people should have will be welcomed.

This is a party for fresh ideas. We may not make congress/senate on November 25, as we will need 95-100 members to be able to run, but if we stick at it for the long-term, we just might be able to create change.

IF you wish to join

Please join the Australian Zombie Party, and on Day 726 please vote me 'CrowdedHouse' as Party President. If elected I will then re-name the party GGP "Green and Gold Party", then contact admins on the forums to make sure we have a forum to chat.

Thanks again for your attention.

God Bless eAustralia
Viva eVictoria

Senator for Victoria