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Day 2,104, 15:19 Published in Estonia Ireland by Wowgotit

I know a number of the Estonians I have met have told me that I should leave. That I don't belong here, that I will never amount to much here. But I will shove all of that aside, just because one speaks English doesn't make me not Estonian, this country has enough room for everyone, I do not wish for power, i'm sorry if I did anything that angered any of you. I wish to help everyone if possible, Estonians foreigners, everyone. We all like to help each other, human beings are like that. We want to live by each others happiness not by each others misery. We don't want to hate and despise another. And I strive for universal brotherhood. I don't want to bring badness to Estonia, for those who judge me, just because I don't speak a language. I could care less 😉.

Thanks for reading, Wowgotit



Viskaja Day 2,105, 01:46

If you truly loved Eesti, you'd at least try to learn our language. Other than that, how have you helped us in the past and how are you planning to do it in the future?

Wowgotit Day 2,105, 07:07

Well considering Estonia right now is doing ok, we are growing gradually and trust me, I will learn Estonian slowly XD. But I will most likely help Estonia in the future by A. Donating a bunch of gold and money to the government. B. Try to bring in more citizens for us. Or C. Help out the newer citizens in any way I can. As for right now, I haven't done much for Eesti, so no one here really trusts me or takes me seriously. But right now I just hope to make many friends, and I will try to help everyone I can when I can.

Viskaja Day 2,105, 10:44

Looking forward to seeing it 😉

Wowgotit Day 2,105, 10:56

Thanks for the support friend 😃

Pealik Day 2,106, 02:11

Rumal jutt, Viskaja, rumal jutt. Riigi armastamiseks ja austamiseks ei pea tundma selle keelt. Sinu lähenemine on minu tagasihoidlikul hinnangul väga kitsarinnaline, lausa nüri.

Viskaja Day 2,106, 04:08

Mõne teise riigi puhul võib-olla tõesti, aga Eesti puhul... Mis meid peale keele ikka ühendab? Ühine soov Soome põgeneda? Kas need venelased, kes on siin üle 50 aasta elanud ja pole meie keelt selgeks õppinud, armastavad ja austavad Eestit? Kui jah, siis miks, miks ometi pole nad suvatsenud minu emakeelt endale selgeks teha?

Pealik Day 2,106, 06:25

Võin Sulle tuua näite oma elust. Minu isa on ukrainlane, kes on elanud Eestis üle 40 aasta. Ta on selle Eesti jaoks teinud tohutult, ta austab ja armastab seda riiki, hoiab seda igatepidi, on kasvatanud üles lapsed, kes seda väga hoiavad ja arendavad. Kuid ta ei oska eesti keelt. Asi ei ole selles, et ta pole suvatsenud seda ära õppida. Ta on käinud koolitustel ja teinud erinevaid eesti kirjakeele eksameid. Kuid keelt ta siiski ei oska, sest tal lihtsalt puudub keelevaist. Ometi on ta selle riigi heaks teinud rohkem kui paljud teised.
Seega julgen öelda, et Eesti armastamiseks ja austamiseks ei ole vaja osata eesti keelt.

Paranormaal Day 2,106, 01:42

People do not hate you. They are a bit of paranoic about strangers because of the actions these foreigners have committed in history against our country.
All comes down to trust. Some foreigners gain trust quicker than others, some will never be trusted regardless how hard they try.
Words and promises cost nothing, good activity and appropriate action speaks about you more.
Good luck!

Wowgotit Day 2,106, 04:11

Thanks alot friend 🙂.

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