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Mustaqet të bëjnë BURRË!

Day 1,899, 09:15 Published in Albania Albania by Sei Kaon

Paroles de Moustache


LioneX aKa MeDzeLi
LioneX aKa MeDzeLi Day 1,899, 10:01

ahahha V

Stealth Fighter
Stealth Fighter Day 1,899, 12:15

v 😛

Kthetra Alb
Kthetra Alb Day 1,899, 15:42

tani do lej mjeker e mustaqe

samenamenonameless Day 1,900, 12:22

ke harru hitlerin

Andiroid Day 1,900, 17:20

E vjeter por e vertete : ) V+S

LavaMelts Day 1,900, 22:37

Barbam video sed philosophum non video. Barba non facit philosophum.

albAngel Day 1,901, 00:29


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