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Multies?... no, they are not! x2

Day 1,505, 03:43 Published in Canada Chile by l GOSHETO l

Hello, again...
I want to remind you about one of my articles:

No, they are not multies.... NO! 😡

In the other article I showed you 4 profiles, that I thought that they are multies.
At some time, I thought that I'm wrong, but decided to watch those account closer thru the time.
Today I opened all of them and what I saw.. they are 21 level, without any new buildings and they are DEAD!!!
Where is the gold from them?
4 profiles x 20 gold = 80 gold... (without medals)

So, what do you think now? Was I right? 😃



Asparuhov Day 1,505, 05:21

V + S

Troqneca Day 1,505, 05:30

В грешка си, ти си загубилия, а мултаците са победили.
Твоята статия и репорт не са постигнали ефект, а някой е прибрал 80 злато (:

Alex Zvezdev
Alex Zvezdev Day 1,554, 02:31

o mamo ma.....

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