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Multi Alert System

Day 1,144, 19:30 Published in Belgium Belgium by Kylero

This is the inaugural edition of the Multi Alert System. I have taken it upon myself to set up a national alert program to advise eBelgian citizens against the daily threat of Multi activity.

I have set up an alert graphic, and every day, by using my sophisticated formula with help from the citizen page in the Society tab, the MaxiHellas tool, and my genuine intellect in noticing patterns, I will issue a daily alert. Each alert corresponds to a recognized course of action to be taken and what citizens should look out for.

What I WILL do
- Investigate suspicious activity
- Work with other concerned citizens and government officials
- Report suspected Multis

What I WILL NOT do
- Persecute enemies by calling them Multis
- Harass company owners that share my concerns
- Report everyone I see

The Multi Alert System


Low- No Multi attack possible
Guarded- Remain as vigilant as you were, no to little threat.
Elevated- Do as you would, but recognize a trend, if applicable.
High- Be on alert, be wary of friend requests, investigate workplaces.
Severe- Multi attack occurring, investigate/report friend requests to appropriate gov't official (MaryamQ). I will contact company owner if pattern forms.

Helpful article on Multis and their mindset

This article is an introduction to what I will be doing. Everyday I will issue a simple article that states the Alert level, accompanied with the explanations.

Today's threat level...

Good night, and good luck!

Oh, one more thing...

Certified Multi Hunter Emblem

When you join my command, you take on debit. A debit you owe me personally. Each and every man under my command owes me ten Multi scalps. And I want my scalps. And all y'all will git me ten Multi scalps, taken from the heads of ten dead Multis. Or you will die tryin'.

I think you get the picture. You want to be certified, prove that you've eliminated ten Multis. Avatars of permabanned Multis you've had a part in, or even links of dead multis you finished off. Then you may proudly display your emblem exemplifying that you are a feared Multi Hunter in you avatar, if you wish.




M.Leviathin Day 1,144, 19:31


MaryamQ Day 1,144, 19:33

Thank you for your initial, Kylero. We are lucky to have such concerned citizens acting in our country's interest.

Misanthropist Day 1,145, 04:56

good job!

Dendraad Day 1,145, 18:44

Excellent get those heads rolling !

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