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MU Tigers

Day 1,876, 21:38 Published in Austria Austria by Watagata Pitusberry

Do You need food and wepon????

I got proposle 4 You....

Every weak 100 food Q10 and 10 wep Q7

Only thing theat You need is go to TIGERS MU and do daly tasks....

No any sh*t PTO,GTO just want to do some good and to show theat We aint a bad guys here...

PM me after You join our MU


Harzakc Day 1,877, 10:39

wow q10 food

Luis Grindl
Luis Grindl Day 1,877, 14:47

join Bundesheer, fill the form and you get free q7 too, and up to 21 per week (depends on your kills)

Q10 food? Is it this food?

Watagata Pitusberry
Watagata Pitusberry Day 1,877, 21:19

no it is alian food specijal you can kill 10 times whit one 😁 hahahaha

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