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Morten Asphaug's Birthday!

Day 1,929, 07:34 Published in Norway Norway by Per Jostein


Today (March 2nd) is the RL birthday of the great Norwegian citizen Morten Asphaug, also my best friend in erepublik.

I'd like every Norwegian to send a birthday message to him. He, that is a loyal and polite citizen, and a great contributor to kickstart program, is also the commander of the Military Unity The Rape Potatoes, which is the most awesome MU in Norway!

Don't donate anything. He doesn't need this kind of thing. A friendly message certainly will be enough! 😉

My best regards,
Per Jostein


Roman Legionnaire
Roman Legionnaire Day 1,929, 07:41

all the best : )

Che Kukaken
Che Kukaken Day 1,929, 07:57

Gratz m8!!

Hofstede Day 1,929, 09:02

Happy Birthday Morten! 🙂

Morten Asphaug
Morten Asphaug Day 1,929, 09:17

Thanks guys 🙂

vif12vf Day 1,929, 09:47

Happy Birthday

T Cherub
T Cherub Day 1,929, 09:18

Congrats! VOTADO!

Kristoph Woldskji
Kristoph Woldskji Day 1,929, 10:50

Congratz! 😃

T.E. Lwrence
T.E. Lwrence Day 1,929, 11:05


Vileskont Day 1,929, 12:13

Congratulations! Message is on the way!

Morten Asphaug Day 1,929, 13:57

Comment deleted

Morten Asphaug
Morten Asphaug Day 1,929, 13:57

this warms an old old 22 years old heart

Akashaton Day 1,930, 10:53

Congratulations! 😃

Akashaton Day 1,930, 10:53

Comment deleted

Gameiro101 Day 1,930, 12:34

Congrats o/

Indigodavo95 Day 1,930, 16:02


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