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More Ambassadors Needed

Day 395, 08:59 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Foreign Ministry

The Irish Foreign Ministry is now taking applications for the position of ambassadors to Spain, Norway, Finland and Sweden. All current ambassadors cannot hold a second position, but previous applicants are allowed to apply for these positions.

Being an ambassador is a great way to expand your knowledge of eRepublik as well getting to meet new people.

You dont have to leave the country, all you will be required to do is a sign up to the respective country's forum

If you wish to apply for a position, leave a comment in this form.

Countries appling for:
Previously an Ambassador:
If yes, in what country.

You have two days to reply

Many Thanks,
Theus Jackus



5n4keyes Day 395, 09:12

Are you picking only atlantis countrys for a reason?

Theus Jackus
Theus Jackus Day 395, 09:17

Its what Vyse and I agreed on Snake.

5n4keyes Day 395, 09:25

Well i personally feel we should be open to any country, making friendly relations with only Atlantis nations pretty much pisses on our ideals of neutrility as it quite clearly then shows whos side we want to be on...

Sean Greene
Sean Greene Day 395, 09:34

I'd like to see more embassies in non-aligned nations.

Top Gun
Top Gun Day 395, 12:21

I know the eSlovakian president quite well.
I understand they aren't the largest nation but I would like to be ambassador to them if I could.

mac_talla Day 395, 13:43

And what about some of the newer countries?

pato9 Day 395, 16:55


Kevin Hutchison
Kevin Hutchison Day 395, 17:18

Name: Kevin Hutchison
Countries appling for: Spain, Australia, Romania
Previously an Ambassador: No
If yes, in what country: N/A

Don't put me if someone else wants the position, as I only know basic Spanish.

pato9 Day 395, 18:59

any other countries are fine too.

Kiemar Day 395, 19:10

In my opinion foreign policy is to be conducted by the current administration. They can do it however they want to.

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