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Moo on Invasion Day 8

Day 1,103, 02:21 Published in Ireland Ireland by moomoohead

......................................... Day 1,103 eTime 2:24................................................................

What Happened Yesteday

+We last left this story with he UK attacking Shannon and west Midland. The Canadians fought West Midlands to a win and the Irish fought Shannon to a win. We came back from 3-6 to win that one, almost all the battles were won by 1 % or so. I thanked someone for fighting and they said they only did 3K in damage, this was in a battle we won 50-50, every bit helped in this war. We again had great work being done again by people like James and yddub. Thanks to all who fought there.

+Jster paid for and started a RW in SE. Thanks to him for doing this at 5AM Australian time. This is the last region we have to take back. We are currently winning 5-1, we lost the first battle then got help from our friend exo, Mizu and seal 6, and our “night shift”. Thanks to Dan and the team for getting us a lead in this one.

+The USA and Canada relaunched there invasion of the UK last night with attacks on Wales and SE. A war for a high resource region will be keeping a lot of Phoenix busy.

What will Happen Today and other news

+Simply win in SE and Wales and we no longer have a border with the UK and we have all our regions back except Canadians in Shannon.


+If you can not move fight in the for the Canadians in Wales.


+I was looking at some numbers on our economy yesterday. Tax takes were about 1,000 iep a day before all the war. Now we are taking in 1,600 iep, war is good for business.

+I have asked Kolshire to send enough iep to get ICA members back to Ireland from ND. None of the stolen gold has been returning and it is doubtful it will.

+I was on the IRC very late a couple of months ago and we were fighting some war, some place. DT was looking after things and he said, its the “Night shift” turn now. Some of our best citizens live in North/South American time zones. They carry the load when a lot of people are asleep and they win a lot more then they loose. So a big thanks to people like Dan, Moon, Hunter, Boris, Octavos, Yddub, Uthanine and the big guy Kolshire for having our backs.

+TD please vote HELL NO to this

+The UK is down to just 6 regions and they are under attack, loosing 3 of those right now. So we will end this article with a song, sing a long, Na Na Na NA, Hey Hey Hey, GOOD BYE.


castaneda Day 1,103, 03:45


Great craic on the "night shift" ,Days r fun too

Noveras Day 1,103, 04:14

Na Na Na NA, Hey Hey Hey, GOOD BYE \o/

Christian Russo
Christian Russo Day 1,103, 04:40

Na Na Na NA, Hey Hey Hey, GOOD BYE

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,103, 06:37

Ach Moo, I REALLY don't wanna have to break out my retro-Bananarama routine. Pah!
/backcombs tatty-'ead into an outrageous 80's mullet, dons legwarmers and ponces, I could double as flash-dance here as well! Where's me welder???

Yddub Emwolb
Yddub Emwolb Day 1,103, 09:27

@Grainne~Gotta love the mullet. Business in the front, party in the back.

John Gormley
John Gormley Day 1,103, 10:04

NAMA NAMA, NAMA NAMA, hey hey hey, No Way!!!
...Sorry, that's a different issue...

Waruda Day 1,103, 11:17

Very cool

mirek12345 Day 1,104, 03:07

Na Na Na NA, Hey Hey Hey, GOOD BYE \o/

MoonBeam Day 1,104, 07:12

o7 The night shift is fun! 😉

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 1,104, 10:18

help fight in London! then most of their population will be stuck and not able to fight off in other regions!

e-kane Day 1,105, 00:27

Nice feeling to fire some rounds at London. As some one said, great craic....

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