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MoMC dq 10 1920

Day 1,920, 20:43 Published in India India by Nagaraj Suraj

hello mighty eindians dq 10 has began .before starting i would like to thank
Ramanan Viswa for helping me out and also a huge thanks to all those who have sponsored weapons and food for my dq

the dq starts
1) guess the person behind the pic ???

2) guess the person behind the pic ???

3 guess the person behind the pic ???

send me the ans before 1922 midnight
dq 9 ans
1. julian assange
2. Lasith Malinga
3. arman jaffer

and the winners are
3) kronos777
5)Manikanndan Kaliyamurthi

the reward will be sent in a short while



Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,921, 23:39

Easy one's : P

HullkZilla Day 1,921, 20:57


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