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MoFA Team of eEgypt: Presentation & first actions [ENG]

Day 1,848, 12:00 Published in Egypt Cuba by Naboal

This month the MoFA Team of eEgypt will be:

MOFA: Naboal

vMofa: WichCro



Comte de Reus

Our Main objectives of this Ministry will be:

1) Secure our congress.
2) Help EDEN on their struggle and at same time we will try to enter on EDEN with full rights.
3) Ensure as many as possible regions to increase the welfare of our citizens through diplomatic channels initially.

Secondary objectives:

1) Improve relations with all EDEN members, and achieve some MPPS with some of them to be able to face direct wars with our foes.
2) Be in direct contact with EDEN HQ
3) Avoid futile wars that doesnt represent us anything for us or for our Alliance and are a waste of resources.

-I inform to the citizens that we were asked to make a MPPS with Greece by their Governement and because we use to have very good relations with them in a long term plus they are in the same Alliance than us and they/we need both help we decided to gladly accept their proposal for our mutual interest.

-So our Governement team is very proud to announce that we are going to make a new MPPS with Greece and that a the same time we are in contact with other governements to get more of them in a short term.

-Also i must say that while Greece asked for a MPPS, Bulgaria one of the foes of Greece tried to bought our loyalty to EDEN and our allies with cash and regions, we just said them that we dont sell our word and honor, so no pact was posible in that terms, is posible that Bulgaria starts hostile actions to us, be ready to fight!

Best regards,
The eEgytian Foreign Affairs Team.

soon catalan & croatian version available.



costalsina Day 1,848, 12:02

V pole

Ali Gual
Ali Gual Day 1,848, 12:03

V Subpole. The next post is done by a gay.

jo1sei Day 1,848, 12:04

tanco podi

Ali Gual
Ali Gual Day 1,848, 12:06

jo1sei gay

PandaWan Day 1,848, 12:07


Canciller Palpatine
Canciller Palpatine Day 1,848, 12:13

por dios devolver al pais a sus dueños

PandaWan Day 1,848, 12:27

a sus dueños? que se a fumado este? jajjajaja

Lady ita
Lady ita Day 1,848, 16:26

Big vote!! Great job Naboal!

Naboal Day 2,160, 09:27


Ahileuss Day 1,848, 22:49

voted o/////

GurocaII Day 1,849, 04:06


xam xam
xam xam Day 1,849, 04:12

a country ptoed by croats, those moves were expected

adamjensenn Day 1,849, 05:00

hello spaniards o/

troopersbd Day 1,849, 08:33


btw --> proud to anunciate ---> proud to announce 😉

Ramon Alquer
Ramon Alquer Day 1,849, 10:26

Voted, Good Job!

alex392 Day 1,849, 10:42

Es que en eEgipto solo hay tovers y no egipcios? xD

Dr. G0ldfield
Dr. G0ldfield Day 1,849, 11:07

fail crogypt

The Warior of Jochhism
The Warior of Jochhism Day 1,849, 11:08


no spaniards : )

only CATALANS : )

Norsk_gr Day 1,912, 02:56


Colonel Dag
Colonel Dag Day 1,849, 11:21

FAC MU profile : "Catalan Army for the Liberation of Egypt" Liberate Egypt from what? xdxd

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,849, 11:23

"try to enter on EDEN with full rights"

Dont do anything with Turkey or else you will be second class members.

Skylovaravas Day 1,849, 11:33


marcelbok Day 1,849, 13:16

fail crogypt

Sidenreng City
Sidenreng City Day 1,849, 22:51

fail crogypt !!!

Naboal Day 1,850, 01:47

Fail Sidenreng City.

Ali Gual
Ali Gual Day 1,850, 02:08


adamjensenn Day 1,851, 01:29

oh really jochi..

spniards wants to liberate egypt for what ? liberetaion bla bla,uncover pto is pto

Kongha CAT
Kongha CAT Day 1,858, 16:01


colaconron Day 1,859, 05:12

Viva España y Viva cataluña, porque tambien es españa.

mufekk Day 1,910, 23:49

retourning your sub! ine is 554!

best regards to everybody from esLOVEnia, mufekk, the Trolleybus driver!

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