MoD - Tactical Assessment and Readiness Exercise (TARE)

Day 5,956, 00:49 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Ministry of Defence

eUK Military Unit Coordination Exercise

A war-game has been on the agenda for a while however nothing has come to fruition yet despite the hard work of many.

It remains a good idea to attempt to do something with our military units. So the government would like to propose the running of a military unit coordination exercise with a competitive element before anything more substantial in terms of war-games. A Tactical Assessment and Readiness Exercise or TARE.

The amount of damage we can raise in a short time can be tested and exercised while raising eUK training war epic exercises with partners; however controlled damage in coordinated military unit activity hasn’t been attempted for a while.

So the premise of the exercise is to primarily reward coordination and participation through many members of the same military unit collectively hitting a small amount of damage in a round. Although individual displays of damage can contribute to success in the competition.

Overall military units can work together to deliver damage and be successful in the exercise.

Critically the coordination exercise will only take place in “UK win” rounds and as we are intentionally keeping individual damage thresholds low it should not affect medal runs of players not participating in the Military Unit Tactical Assessment and Readiness Exercise (TARE).

Example Exercise
Days 5,956 to 5,958

Any eUK Military Unit or Military Units owned by UK citizens

No BH or SH overhitting (or sniping)
A participating member is defined as a MU member who meets the criteria to complete at least 1 objective

💎3,000cc per participating member
💎1,000cc per successful objective completed
💎Double participation and objective rewards for the “winning” Military Unit

Exercise Objectives will be sent to participating Military Unit Commanders or their nominated command and control players at the beginning of the exercise.

It will then be up to the Military Unit to coordinate the successful completion of their exercise objectives.

Results will be compiled and published by the Ministry of Defence at the end of the exercise for all competing Military Units.

Exercise Objectives for Military Unit

Day 5,956 - (08:00 to 13:00 Erep. time)
DIV 1 2 or 3 - “Defend” the South East of England by recording 10k damage*
AIR - “Defend” North West of England by recording 15k damage*
DIV 4 - “Empty round blitz” Find an empty UK win round, work together as a MU and for every 100 million damage delivered by the MU earn 1,000cc for your MU, capped at 10,000cc**

Day 5,957 - (08:00 to 13:00 Erep. time)
AIR - “Empty round blitz” Find an empty UK win round, work together as a MU and for every 10k damage delivered by the MU earn 1,000cc for your MU, capped at 10,000cc**
DIV 4 - “Defend” Aosta Valley by recording 20 million damage*
DIV 1 2 or 3 - “Defend” the Volhynia by recording 10k damage*

Day 5,958 - (08:00 to 13:00 Erep. time)
DIV 4 - “Defend” Wales by recording 20 million damage
AIR - “Defend” Yorkshire and Humberside by recording 15k damage
DIV 1 2 or 3 - “Defend” the Victoria by recording 10k damage*

*No cap on participating members however a single round should be targeted within the allotted time frame (for example if 3 pilots from the MU record 15k~ damage each, the MU get 3x 1,000cc for multiple pilots synchronizing on the objective). Objectives can only be completed once in the allocated time window by a MU

Registration and Congressional Approval

Commanders, if you would like to register your military unit’s interest in an exercise, please comment below or message the Ministry of Defence.

Military Unit's interested in the exercise described above will help Congress and Government decide if the exercise is viable and the funding to allocate.

Congressional Members and all, let’s discuss refinement of the idea o7