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Moar Friends!!!1121!

Day 1,824, 12:37 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Meklon Dramicus

Day two of the friend zoning...

So far it's been a pretty positive result, however we still need to build up momentum.

As much as it goes against my regular morals I am half tempted to get some more votes brought in onto this project. I'll give it another couple of days and see what comes.

That being the case, please find todays list of 10 below.... you know what to do people, spread the love.

Iain Keers
Chuckie Finster
Minecrafting Instead
Kamoris KSC
Zaichik Mishka
Igor Pankry

Keep it fun guys!


lancer450 Day 1,824, 12:53

Voted & Added. : )

WayneKerr Day 1,824, 13:23

My button to add Iain Keers isn't working...


Spite313 Day 1,824, 13:28

As my friend you'll be in a unique club of just four thousand or so people!

Congratulations on the promotion

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Day 1,824, 13:35

7/10 again

Adding ze' rest.

ViciousDeeds Day 1,824, 16:46

do you want to use mine wayne? I dont need it....

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,825, 23:58

Lmao...he removed me Wayne : (

Piran Day 1,825, 02:39

Voted and added \o/

wigibob Day 1,825, 04:29

Iain, we all know that this is propaganda, oops I "accidentally" removed you from my friends list

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