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Day 851, 13:19 Published in USA Ireland by Mercurius100

There comes a time where we can no longer sit back and accept the flawed status quo.

Sitting around and complaining about the New World we live in doesn't change things.

Change takes people who truly want to make our world a better place, and are willing to stand up and take action in support of their beliefs.

The world is calling, and it's time for us to answer.

Introducing Mithril, the new guild (for those from other MMORPGs) with the primary goal of making the New World a better place for eRep players around the globe. Mithril offers a community for those kindred spirits who seek positive change, as well as the mechanism to better our world.

Mithril is international, not an agent for any government, and non-political. Instead we seek to promote the philosophy of a better world for all that far too few governments and influential organizations are currently working towards:

--Why can't we all just get along? People can be nice to each other, and when we try we can achieve unity towards the advancement of us all. Cooperation in politics is not a myth, if we will only commit to it. And we as a global community do not need to keep dividing ourselves with manufactured hostility. With peace, cooperation, and unity we as a global community can make real progress towards achieving our potential.

--Those who have hold a responsibility to help those who don't. Not to bully the small and the weak, not to take whatever we wish because of greater strength or numbers. It's time that we as a global community started taking this responsibility seriously. When those with great expertise offer help to smaller countries in developing their governments, economies, and social communities we don't just strengthen those small countries but our entire global community. Because we are one global community of players, and real progress can't be made if only a select few are benefiting.

And most importantly, ...

--Let's win this thing. And not with tanks and artillery, but with ideas and cooperation, hearts and minds. Nobody's winning eRepublik the way we are going in circles, and as long as we all spend our time clawing at each others' throats and pulling everybody down nobody will ever win the game. It's time for a different strategy and a different work ethic. With that we will have this game won in two years. Put it on the board.

So to all of you who want to work towards changing the New World, and who want to create a better society for us all, we've got a spot waiting just for you. Come on along, it's going to be a really fun ride. 🙂



JeepAmerica Day 851, 13:22

Mercurius posting something? Whoa.

Michael Porter
Michael Porter Day 851, 13:23

Sounds nice. Considering alliances cant even get along I dont know how practical this is at all.

Jonas Silveira
Jonas Silveira Day 851, 13:24

voted and subbed... where's my cake??? kkkkkkkkkk

Maelstrom Mephisto
Maelstrom Mephisto Day 851, 13:30

V & s

Ballman Day 851, 13:31

That cake is a lie! >🙁

Gregeahh Day 851, 13:32

V & S

Tim Proctor
Tim Proctor Day 851, 13:35

Vote/Sub and as a huge Gamer, I'm totally behind you 100%

rui lin
rui lin Day 851, 13:52

exactly what do this thing do?

lucay Day 851, 14:00

nice one but the cake? 🙂

Onishi Day 851, 14:00

will mithril fight with any weapons?

Mercurius100 Day 851, 14:04

Trying not to spoil too much good article material for the future. Basically the goal is to promote the philosophies I mentioned in the article in every country around the world. The winning hearts and minds strategy. And with a global reach the group is able to do a lot more to help out people and groups who have the same philosophies we do, particularly those who are frequently ignored or oppressed.

Marcus Andreus Marius
Marcus Andreus Marius Day 851, 14:08

i concur with these basic ideas and have subscribed. Besides, I like Mithril in general. Are you really giving cake out?

Mercurius100 Day 851, 14:10

And yes, when large enough there will be military actions. Those who wish to bully and exploit the less fortunate will not simply throw down their weapons and give up.

Corporal_eM Day 851, 14:27

V+S Come along now with me... 😉

marcomarco1991 Day 851, 14:40

V & S

Mercurius100 Day 851, 14:52

BTW, chatting:
<a href="" target="_blank">[..]n/622</a>

Magyari Day 851, 15:13

Ohh, yeah!

Jarhoul Day 851, 15:38

ohaithar eNOVA 2.0. A word of advice: when you get burnt out, make sure you give somebody else the password to the org that hold all of Mithril's money before you up and disappear, that way it can keep going.

rivere123 Day 851, 15:46

So a new alliance, eh? Well, perhaps we can use it to dismantle PHOENIX and EDEN and stop them from having successor alliances. This way, each country might be able to clean the slate. But this sounds a lot like PEACE, and any government system standing around &quot;protecting smaller countries&quot; is doomed to become the bully when someone with significant powerlust comes along.

Samuel Seabury
Samuel Seabury Day 851, 16:30

Umm - this is a dimension that has been missing from the game. When I was going to college, it went by the phrase &quot;transnationalism&quot;. Nowadays, it goes by the term &quot;constructivism&quot;. As it stands, real life problems are being paralleled in this game. Here is a quote from the abstract of a talk given 2006 by Dr. Michael Vlahos of Johns Hopkins University:

&quot;We still frame strategy to fit the narrative of Western globalization. There is however a parallel narrative, a dark side of globalization. This is the world of alternative communities, surging pietism, and resistance, with two-thirds of the world as potential constituents. Moreover, counter-movements draw their very strength from the creative destruction our aggressive globalizing has unleashed. In confronting the world's dark side, our efforts have only accelerated its growth.&quot;

I suspect Dr. Vlahos is a constructivist as well.

To what school does Sam Seabury belong ? Well, power realism has known better days, but I find theory and practice of Alexander Hamilton (A Federalist, of course), Metternich, Bismark, Hans Morgenthau and Henry Kissinger most agreeable nonetheless. But - back in the day, I did enjoy reading Seyom Brown, whose &quot;New Forces in World Politics&quot; is now a classic.

II Macloud II
II Macloud II Day 851, 17:06

V &amp; S'd. Like your ideas, probably won't work though 🙁

enderlucian Day 851, 17:13

i've worked with something ike mithril before, i'm 100% backing you up! let me know how to keep in touch with you guys.

rizariza Day 851, 17:15


Lord Krauser
Lord Krauser Day 851, 17:16

i thought Mercurius 1000 was fake?!

like he worked for the adims but BOOM it speaks lol

milestailsprower Day 851, 17:24

That cake is a lie! X2 😛

Rockyrd Day 851, 17:30

v &amp; S

Slider Day 851, 18:12


darkalder Day 851, 18:29

V &amp; S

Walter Stua
Walter Stua Day 851, 18:55

Sounds like something I could get behind. I'm in.

Tatatyk Day 851, 18:58

Nice propaganda.

dustinmp9 Day 851, 19:09

Count me in

Wpack10 Day 851, 19:55

I liek ur logo. 😛

Good luck

Emerick Day 851, 20:28

I'm not sure this makes sense, unless you're just trying to play the hero card.

MrPib Day 851, 20:58

Same old song and dance...

BenjaminLi Day 851, 21:01


V &amp; S

sainclaire Day 851, 21:07

Voted up for stealing the logo from Mithril in Full Metal Panic! great stuff btw.

R. Dalimunthe
R. Dalimunthe Day 851, 21:07

will this thing work?
do you think that countries from EDEN and PHOENIX could handle their own ego and make peace with each other?
yeah, nothing's impossible.

KiddoZhou Day 851, 22:24


Cheddarius The Mighty
Cheddarius The Mighty Day 851, 22:25

If this works, it will be good. I will vote this up.

However, forcing peace is unfortunate, perhaps even to the extent of forcing war. When we keep people from playing the game the way they like, we are bullying them in the same way that countries bully each other now.

Therefore, I propose that we split the world. We can hold some countries (is this possible? I don't know the game very well), which will be marked as peaceful ones. People who wish to fight and be fought can stay in the warring countries. They will be allowed to &quot;bully&quot; other countries, but only those who have agreed to be bullied, in order to bully others. People who wish to live a peaceful life can live in the peaceful countries. What's great about this is that there's already a built-in penalty for twinking - you can't fight in a war with a lesser country and then just move when a larger one attacks you, because you'll have to cough up vast sums for the constant flow of moving tickets.

This might be strange, though, because as far as I know, people don't fight individually - countries do. But I think it still works...

We could also improve this idea by making a restricted zone of attack. We could say, for example, that for those who wish to fight, they must go to certain level-appropriate countries, and countries have restricted fighting opportunities. This way, Zimbabwe will not be crushed by the full force of the United States or such nonsense; countries and regions must fight countries similar to them.

Bored DEAD
Bored DEAD Day 851, 22:42

If part of your belief is global peace, then you intend to make the eworld much more boring. (not to say that the other modules can't be fun, its just that the military module is a large slice of that pie)

Cheddarius The Mighty
Cheddarius The Mighty Day 851, 23:02

That's why I proposed splitting the world. People who like war can have war. People who don't, don't have to. Everyone wins, neh?

Lahks Day 851, 23:07

Voted &amp; subbed. Sounds good to me.

Jack Spire
Jack Spire Day 851, 23:13

There is no way you can eliminate war, so preaching peace is worthless. But you can, on the other hand demand fair fights, so large forces such as Phoenix doesn't attack small forces that are just sprouting up. My take on this was that Mithril's goal is to stop wars, but there is no way that can fly. You will certainly be able to stop some, but not all, so then whoever fights, rules the world; nobody else will have a legitimate military. Therefore wars are a must if you want balance between governments and alliances. If Mithril pushes for fair fights, I'm on 100%.

joslynn prine
joslynn prine Day 851, 23:35

i'm sorry, but as a student of history, while it sounds like a good idea, i cannot see it happening, as someone always has to try to take over and turn things into a dictatorship. and that cannot be good.

ciuomolunga Day 852, 00:32

how come the biggest scam of all erepublik times, comes from you americans? i just got scammed 20 gold and a q2 house by an american firm. they had this campaign of VERY LOW RICES in adds, some times even 3/3 ads. hundreds of players from romania got scammed this way. i propose a petition and full support from the american people.

Vash5222 Day 852, 00:37

Have you ever asked yourself &quot;Why are they weak?&quot;

&quot;Divide and conquer,unite and rule&quot; Please let someone remember these words and the meaning behind them.

Daniel Leoni
Daniel Leoni Day 852, 01:07

Will we be getting mechas?

MysteriousMan Day 852, 01:14

vote &amp; sub

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