Missions, Multies, Trollface

Day 1,452, 10:31 Published in Croatia Croatia by AlenDuia

So here we have new missions:

1. Your country needs help!
To solve this one you have to invite a friend to eRepublik and help him reach liutenant level. - CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED USING MULTIES

2. Work with your friends (I)
All you have to do to solve this mission is to hire somebody and pay him /her one salary. - CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED USING MULTIES

For accomplishing the other two missions you don't need multies.
You see, I don't get it why everything in this game can be accomplished using multies. I think that a person who doesn't have multies is very stupid. No, I'm not encouraging you to have multi accounts but I think noone can achieve something in this game without multies so I suggest to eRepublik team to make multies legal so all of us can have thousands of our clones.

Sincerely, a frustrated player of eRepublik