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Mission rewards- ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL

Day 2,059, 04:12 Published in USA Serbia by Straight.Flush

On day 2059 Admins added new missions:

Natonal Mission 1/4: United we stand

Description: If you unite your efforts with those of your countrymen, this mission should be completed in no time. So, is it done already?
Condition: You and the citizens of your country, together, must defeat 82,057 opponents.
Reward: 3 Energy Bars

Natonal Mission 2/4: Strenght in numbers

Description: Things are becoming a bit more complicated, but the nation has many warriors to replenish the tired ones. Gather them to fight.
Condition: You and the citizens of your country, together, must defeat 287,200 opponents.
Reward: 5 energy bars
National Mission 3/4: All for one, one for all

Description: If you are to complete this task, every single soldier in your country should contribute. Let them all follow the spirit of the musketeers.
Condition: You and the citizens of your country, together, must defeat 615,429 opponents.
Reward: 10 energy bars
National Mission 4/4: Final push

Description: Now it's the time to ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.
Condition: You and the citizens of your country, together, must defeat 1,107,772 opponents.
Reward: 15 energy bars

Tough as stone

Description: This wouldn't be a military exercise without some actual exercise.
Condition: Increase your strength with 5 points
Reward: 1 Energy Bar
Even tougher

Description: Right, nobody said you can finish training yet.
Condition: Increase your strength with 90 points
Reward: 3 Energy Bar
Rocket maniac

Description: Mindless fighting will only get you so far. Good armies need engineers capable of building advanced weapons.
Condition: Build 1 Rocket
Reward: 1 Rocket
Battle hero

Description: This is no longer an exercise, it's real battle. Go out there and become a Battle Hero.
Condition: Win a Battle Hero Medal
Reward: 2 Big and 2 Small Bomb

Have a job

Description: This particular military exercise has one mean Drill Sergeant. He will make you clean gun barrels and polish boots all day unless you have a stable job.
Condition: Have a Job
Reward: 1 Energy Bar

Description: Even if you have a job, are finishing your studies and are taking care of your younger brother, the drill sergeant will still make you do pull-ups. About 200 of them per day.
Condition: Recover 2,000 Energy in 1 day
Reward: 5 Energy Bar

Description: The Drill Sergeant is not done with you yet. It's time for the infamous push-ups.
Condition: Recover 4,000 Energy in 1 day
Reward: 50 Strenght
Marching up and down

Description: Now comes the Drill Sergeant's favourite exercise: marching up and down a square. You know the drill: left, right, left...
Condition: Recover 6,000 Energy in 1 day
Reward: 2 Big Bomb

Recruit challenge

Description: Join a few fresh recruits in a very easy challenge, just to get warmed up.
Condition: Defeat 5 enemies
Reward: 3 Bazooka
Infantry operations

Description: A good infantry is a disciplined infantry. Complete your Daily Order.
Condition: Complete Daily Order
Reward: 3 Bazooka Buster
Special forces

Description: You're so good at fighting that the Special Forces invited you to join them in a target practice exercise. Be warned, they pack serious firepower.
Condition: Defeat 200 Enemies
Reward: 30 Strength

Description: You killed more than a Special Forces unit, can you cause more mayhem than a robotic soldier from the future?
Condition: Do a certain amount of damage in 1 day
Reward: 10% of this damage in rank points


Description: Every opponent you defeat counts for your country, so war is your friend right now
Condition: Defeat 500 Enemies in 1 day
Reward: 7 Big and 7 Small Bomb

You can choose the way to complete final mission, you can go alone, or you can help your country in National missions. Also you dont need to complete three sets of missions, you can complete only one.

Good luck to everyone 😉



Straight.Flush Day 2,059, 04:14

Comment deleted

I Takashi I
I Takashi I Day 2,059, 04:23


turruntero Day 2,059, 05:55

good news but i only tell u that, in national mission 1/4
You and the citizens of your country, together, must defeat 82,057 opponents.

i think that this account maybe for your rank

Straight.Flush Day 2,059, 08:02

Yes, I type the wrong number xD

crijor Day 2,059, 06:39

crijor was here

Edward Ont
Edward Ont Day 2,059, 09:10

the 500 enemies is in 1 day?

Straight.Flush Day 2,059, 10:37

Comment deleted

IfIWereARichMan Day 2,059, 15:00

6000 energy in 1 day? $%*^%£%^&^&^.

IfIWereARichMan Day 2,059, 15:01

Come to think of it, same response to 4000 in 1 day.

Amanda Torian
Amanda Torian Day 2,059, 23:57

Actually managed the 4000 in one day 5 minutes from reset. Whoo hoo!

IfIWereARichMan Day 2,060, 04:26

Also found that they were accumulative. Ma\de it much easier. Managed to get them all done.

The Dark Soldier
The Dark Soldier Day 2,059, 23:29


IfIWereARichMan Day 2,060, 04:41

Actually the 500 in 1 day is going to be a lot more difficult. If you don't have several hundred bazookas/Q7s.

LouisL Day 2,061, 00:22


National Mission 4/4: Final push
Reward is 15 energy bars

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Day 2,061, 02:09

I think I am not able to finish these missions without buying gold. But I don´t want to waste my gold for this ....

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