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Ministry of Community Competition#5 :Quiz

Day 1,823, 05:10 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Muz1

Hey guys and girls, sorry this quiz is late because i've been somewhat busy in RL and my Internet was having some line problems but now i'm back. The Result for previous quiz are:
1.Chaudary Muhammad Azwar (8 Q7 weapons)
2.untrusty (10 Q6 weapons)
3.Hammad Javed (5 Q6 weapons)
4.Innocent Killer (15 Q3 weapons)
1.vrsoldiers (1st answer wrong)
2.Mohib (1st answer wrong)
3.Ali Gtm (all correct, 1 Q6 won)
4.Shin Gouki (all correct, 1 Q6 won)
5.Mathew steele (all correct, 1 Q6 won)
1) 1 hour 30 minutes and 90 min are same thing
2) both weight are 1 kg so its same
3) he kicks the ball upwards.

So the new quiz for today is:
What is harder to catch the faster you run?
And this is the only one today.
The time limit will be 24 hours or 05:00 hrs eDay 1824
P.S:Guys please take part in the competition mentioned in the previous article.

Muz1/Muz97/Muhammad Usaama Zia
Minister of Community ePakistan
Member of PDP


Kursis Kurenas
Kursis Kurenas Day 1,823, 10:29


Massive Media Mogul Project


Mohib Day 1,823, 12:48


SilverF0X Day 1,823, 13:38

Hey, I was answer the question and sent PM to you 😕

Muz1 Day 1,824, 23:36

SilverF0X this is a state sponsored initiative and sadly foreigners aren't allowed. However after a few weeks i will start a competition for everyone.

SilverF0X Day 1,824, 10:08

I'll wait for that moment xD

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