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Ministry of Community Competition#4 :Quiz + Competition

Day 1,821, 07:45 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Muz1

First of all i will proudly announce the winners of yesterday's quiz. The turn out was again very disappointing.
1.Innocent killer=8 Q7 weaps
2.Chaudary Muhammad Azwar=10 Q6 weaps
3.Hammad Javed=150 Q5 food
4.Arslan Sadiq=15 Q3 weaps
The contestants were:
Shin Gouki (answered correctly but unlucky)
Ali Gtm (1st answer wrong)
Shan Ansari (1st answer wrong)
Each of them have been given 1 Q6 weapon.
1.Fill the 3-gallon bucket.
Pour the 3 gallons of water into the 5-gallon bucket
Fill the 3-gallon bucket again.
Fill up the 5-gallon bucket with the 3-gallon bucket, leaving you with 1 gallon left in the 3-gallon bucket.
3.Sir Edmund Hillary with sherpa Tenzing Norgay in 1953.
1.It takes an airplane 90 minutes to reach Karachi from Lahore. Meanwhile it takes 1 hour 30 minutes for the same airplane to go from Karachi to Lahore. How is this possible?
2.Which is heavier: 1kg of steel or 1kg of cotton
3.Jimmy kicks a ball and the ball goes 5 meters away from him. The ball returns to him without Jimmy moving to another position. How is this possible.
vrsoldiers gave the suggestion for more I.Q based questions and i agree with him. Thank you for the suggestions. Other suggestions are welcome!
The prizes will be the same as before as well as the procedure.Time limit is till 05:00 erep time, eDay 1822

Another Competition:
With this i am announcing a competition. The person who keeps the media active by publishing articles daily will be given a prize of 30 Q7 weapons. I will monitor it personally 😃

Muz1/Muz97/Muhammad Usaama Zia
Minister of Community
Member of PDP
(Hopefully future congress memeber) 😃


SilverF0X Day 1,821, 08:28


Innocent Killer
Innocent Killer Day 1,821, 08:35

Chaudary Muhammad Azwar
Chaudary Muhammad Azwar Day 1,821, 10:20


Mohib Day 1,821, 14:22


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